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Expert Perspectives on Data Quality: Hear from SAP, Accenture and BackOffice Associates on How Data Quality Impacts Digital Transformation

The digital economy is transforming the way business is run. From personal and contextual awareness and connected devices to Artificial Intelligence and predictive analytics, digital business is booming.

By 2030, fifty billion devices will be capable of connecting to the Internet, from cars, to washing machines. The Internet of Things, where billions of sensors and devices begin connecting and sharing information, is no longer a science fiction fantasy. It is reality.

With all these devices, the amount of data created is staggering.  One significant question remains, How good is your data? What does data have to do with digital transformation and internet of things anyway?


Hear from a panel of experts to unearth the role of data in today’s changing economy on the SAP Radio show : Partnerships: Changing the Game for Digital Transformation, Presented by SAP and hosted by Bonnie D Graham, live Tuesdays on the VoiceAmerica Business Channel.

The best run businesses run SAP. You will hear from the innovators who know how to use game changing technologies and business strategies to transform industries and importantly they discuss how these technologies and strategies can shake up the status quo in your company’s future and help your organization move in exciting new directions.




Here are some topic areas that are explored in this session:

  • Digital transformation is as much a human process as a technological one, for two reasons: first, because we require relatable human definitions and oversight for concepts such as data quality and data governance; and second, because the nature of our jobs change as our organizations move further down the digital highway.

  • Real Time Integration – A key part of making digital transform work is have all of the decision making data updated in real time – data quality is key to making integrations work – failed integrations slow down the process and mean you communicate wrong information to customers and partners – wrong information can cause trust to break down and trust is key to long term relationships.

  • Sensors – As the cost of sensors comes down it is possible to make most things “smarter” – this means you can keep information on your physical assets matched to their digital twin inside your systems – matching the physical and digital worlds enables better decision making, but is dependent on the data about this physical assets being of a high quality

Interested in what these experts have to say about Data Quality, then listen to the replay. If you are interested in enhancing your Digital Transformation journey with SAP Solution Extensions, you must check this page here