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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

I want to share some exciting news. Following the great success of our recent workshops covering SAP Predictive Analysis, SAP Education decided to create a new, global training course based on the very same content we used in those workshops. The new course code is TZPAN and the duration is 3 days. We have already scheduled a number of events for 2015 and beyond. Our first event is 7th January 2015 and will be held at the SAP UK Training Centre. You can find out more by visiting this area of the SAP Training & Certification Shop.

But if you are still unsure of the value of this topic then read on.

Last year, in a press release Gartner said: "By 2016, 70% of the most profitable companies will manage their business processes using real-time Predictive Analytics" *

The world of analytics is a very exciting place to be right now. We pretty much have the ‘explore the past’ approach covered with mature data exploration tools. In recent years we added real-time, in-memory processing in order to gain immediate access to very large data sets at incredible speeds. But now the focus is on helping organisations exploit the tremendous value locked deep in their data mountains. This is achieved using predictive analysis tools to help develop insight into action. In other words, analyse, predict and then most importantly, actually use the gained knowledge to provide competitive advantage.

SAP Predictive Analysis allows an organisation to take a complete view of past events, analyse them to make predictions, but best of all it helps us to figure out how to make the very best decisions for the future by turning the predictions into actions. This means we can start to see predictions embedded into business processes and not performed as a stand-alone activity.

But in the past, predictive analysis and data mining were left to the specialist PhD types. You needed a degree in data science in order to understand how to create optimal predictive models and data preparation processes. SAP Predictive Analysis has bought this kind of power to the business user shielding them from the complex world of algorithm building yet still offering them the benefits.

Our 3 day course covers SAP Predictive Analysis, both standalone, and also powered by SAP HANA.  We will introduce you to the 'R' language and show you how this can be used to create custom prediction models. The course provides plenty of hands-on time with challenging tasks set by the instructor. We also provide an overview of SAP InfiniteInsight so that learners will be able to identify use cases for this powerful tool set.  .

Things move fast in the world of analytics and this topic is gaining momentum fast. So make sure you keep your skills up to date by booking on one of our TZPAN courses soon.

* Gartner Newsroom: Feb 2013, Rob van der Meulen and Janessa Rivera

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