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This content has been updated and moved to the SCN Wiki

CA APM Introscope Monitoring Setup Guide for BI Platform 4.x (Windows)


This article is a continuation of: New complete tutorial for setting up Introscope 9.5 Stand-alone Monitoring for SAP BI Platform 4.x (...



Step 4:  Configure each BI node and Application Server node using ACTool


ACTool is a free program which automates the BI / Tomcat server configurations for Introscope Monitoring.  In this step, we will configure our BI / Tomcat node using the ACTool program.  For detailed information about ACTool, refer to the ACTool User Guide.pdf under the docs directory of the ACTool download.


  1. Browse to SAP Note 2137275 and click on link provided in the Solution section under Get the tool:

  2. Download the zip file and copy it to a temporary directory on your BI / Tomcat servers (in this example, C:\actool)

  3. Extract the contents of to your temporary directory.

  4. Browse into the <actool>\conf directory.  Delete the file products.xml and rename the file products_bolight.xml to products.xml (we are replacing the original products.xml).  Then, edit the file with a text editor 

  5. Enter values for the following properties then save the changes to 

    Property Name Example Value Description
    boe.system mycmsname This is your CMS server name that you used to logon to the CMS (don't use the @clustername)
    boe.user administrator This is your CMS administrator user account
    boe.password Password123 The CMS administrator password wiemhostname This is the hostname of your Introscope Enterprise Manager
    boe.cmc.introscope.port 6001 This is the port number of your Introscope Enterprise Manager BOEXI40Tomcat This is the service name of the Apache Tomcat server on this host
    tomcat.service.port 8080 This is the http port number of the Apache Tomcat server wiemhostname This is the hostname of your Introscope Enterprise Manager (same as
    wily.EM.port 6001 This is the port number of your Introscope Enterprise Manager (same as boe.cmc.introscope.port)
    smdagent.path C:\usr\sap\DAA\SMDA98 This is the path where you installed the Diagnostic Agent (up to the SMDAxx folder).  In this example, I installed the Diagnostic Agent to the C:\ drive using system DAA and instance 98



  6. In the folder where you extracted ACTool, double click run_actool.bat.  Type 2 and enter to choose the option SAP BI PLATFORM 4.x then type 1 and press enter for the option to Execute.

  7. Next, press enter to start all the configurations or refer to the selective options below: 



    - If this host does not have Apache Tomcat, you can enter 2,3,4,8,9,19 to skip the Apache Tomcat setup

    - If this host does not have BI components but only Apache Tomcat, enter options 4,12,14,15 to only setup Apache Tomcat and SAP Host Agent (or if you didn't install the Diagnostic Agent choose options 12,14,15)


  8. When the script is completed, you can close it by typing 'quit' and press enter.  Step 19 may report a failure, this indicates that the SMD Agent must be restarted manually.  Restart the services, SAPDAA_98, and SAPHostControl

  9. Finally, restart the SIA and Apache Tomcat on this server.

Step 5:  Validate the installation/configuration is working


  1. First, logon to your BI Launchpad and refresh some Webi / Crystal / Dashboard documents to generate metrics.

  2. Next, open the Introscope WebView in a web browser (for example http://wiemhostname:8081/webview )

  3. Enter the default logon information (user: Admin password: Admin89)

  4. Click on Investigator, then expand *SuperDomain* and expand the hostname you just configured.

  5. Confim that this host has the SAP HostAgent Process, SBOP ENTERPRISE\HOST, and Tomcat nodes under the host name.Note:
    If there is no Tomcat instance on this node, then only check for SAP HostAgent Process and SBOP ENTERPRISE/HOST
    If there is no SIA on this node then only check for SAP HostAgent Process and Tomcat or if you didn't install the Diagnostic Agent, only check for Tomcat

  6. Next, in the WebView, click on the Console tab, and confirm that metrics appear under dashboards Apache Tomcat Memory, BOE 4.0 PLATFORM, and BOE 4.0 WEBI SERVER DETAIL