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In this Blog post , I would like to explain

  • Changes you can expect in Requirement Management

  • New Capabilities in Requirement Management


What changes can you expect in Requirements

We have upgraded the capabilities for Requirements so when you login to SAP cloud ALM , you will find

 UI Changes

  • When you create a Requirement from a process , it does not open a third column , but  a full screen so that you have more space to enter Text

  • The Requirement Header has changed as now there are more fields

  • Scope is not a mandatory field as you may want to save the Requirements first and add the scope information later

  • The status changes do not appear as workflow but as flexible drop downs. This is to ensure you can easily go back to previous states if required

Changes in Approval process

  • Approval of Requirement is not limited to Project leads, this is done as many times Requirements need approval from LOB heads , architects or other stakeholders

  • Approval does not set the status to in Realization. This is because the actual work may start even before the approval or at a later time after approval

New Capabilities in Requirement Management

Requirement management gets multiple new innovations

Ability to create views

You can create and save your search criteria as views and even set your view as Default. A view can save a search criteria , filter criteria and also the columns in the result list

Ability to Mass Upload

You can use the Excel Template to Mass upload Requirements


View Requirements in Gantt view

you can view Requirements in Gantt view


Assign persons, roles, teams to Requirements

Approval shows in new column which is filterable

Requirements get a Planned start date

the difference between start date and due date appears as a duration in Gantt chart

Ability to see Requirement Hierarchy in one view

You can now see Requirements, user stories and tasks in one view by changing the Type column

You can copy Requirements

You can enter comments

Next steps

Stay tuned for more information. If you want to give feedback or have a question , feel free to drop a comment. Please bookmark these two links

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