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The past year has been a time of growth and excitement for SAP Web IDE!

We improved the offering for our SAP Fiori developers, expanded to new scenarios, such as full-stack development, enabled high-productivity tools for cloud application development, and made advances in our continuous integration and deployment offering (CI/CD).

In addition, we recently announced that SAP Web IDE is expanding on its traditional role as the tool of choice for SAP Fiori development, and is now also the official end-to-end development environment for full-stack business applications development.

New Capabilities in SAP Web IDE Full-Stack

SAP Fiori developers will enjoy an improved development environment that includes many of the requirements and improvements they asked for last year:

  • SAP Web IDE Full-Stack includes the Storyboard, a graphical tool that presents your app in a visual manner and allows you to perform actions that will boost your productivity and simplify the overall development process.

  • The Workspace Manager helps developers organize their projects in the way that is most convenient for them, and create multiple workspaces.

  • We added the ability to sync a project's metadata.xml file whenever there is a change in the backend service.

  • Grunt capabilities are integrated into SAP Web IDE Full-Stack, allowing you more flexibility when building your apps.

  • Full-Stack developers will find that in SAP Web IDE Full-Stack they can now develop an end-to-end application, including the business logic and backend.
    For this purpose, we introduced a new development paradigm - Application Programming Model for SAP Cloud Platform.

  • We have also made some advances in the area of life cycle management and integrated with a new Beta service: SAP Cloud Platform Continuous Integration and Delivery. This service allows developers to quickly and simply create and run CI/CD pipelines for Fiori/SAPUI5 applications running on SAP Cloud Platform, thus speeding up their development and delivery cycles and improving the quality of the applications.

These are only some of the new capabilities of SAP Web IDE Full-Stack. For the full list, please see the SAP Web IDE release notes.


We continue to work together with our customers to find the best solutions and provide customer satisfaction through various events, communication channels, and projects. This year, we had several customer-facing activities. We met our customers at different events and held a customers' workshop in Germany. Customers also participated in early adopter programs and in several customer engagement initiatives (CEI's) for topics such as CI/CD and migration to SAP Web IDE Full-Stack.

If you'd like to find out what's happening in SAP Web IDE, we encourage you to sign up for our newsletter and join our monthly meetings.

Watch the following success stories by SAP Web IDE customers and see what they are saying about their journey with SAP Web IDE:

  • Tarun Bahal, Team Head SAP Development Cloud & Integration at SIKA, a multinational company in the automotive and specialty construction chemicals, talks about their experience developing on the cloud from multiple locations and devices with SAP Web IDE. Watch now

  • Wouter Lamaire, SAP Developer Hero and developer at Flexso, an SAP partner and consultancy company, talks about how his customers save time when using SAP Web IDE as their development tool. He also shares his experiences when developing new SAP Web IDE features. Watch now

  • Tamas Szirtes, Director of Innovation & Technology at SOA People, one of the leading partner companies in Europe, talks about their experience with SAP Web IDE, the speed of development, efficiency, and more. Watch Now

And finally, we would love to meet you at SAPPHIRE. Join our sessions and hear more about the new and exciting SAP Web IDE capabilities. This is a partial list of our sessions:

  • Road Map: SAP Web IDE

  • Roundtable: End-to-End Cloud Development Environment with SAP Web IDE (Integrated Development Environment)

  • Roundtable: Become an Agile Organization: Embrace Continuous Integration and Delivery

  • Rapid Application Development (RAD) Accelerates Your Digital Transformation

  • Roundtable: Become an Agile Organization: Embrace Continuous Integration and Delivery

  • Simplify the User Experience with High-Productivity Tools


See the full list of SAP Web IDE SAPPHIRE sessions here.

For more information on SAP Web IDE visit our home page.