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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
With this blog I would like to inform you about new SAP Application Interface Framework features that we have shipped with SAP S/4HANA Cloud 2302 enhancing the message monitoring in the SAP Fiori launchpad.

The following new applications have been provided in SAP Fiori UX technology:

  • Setup alerting

  • Maintain trace level

  • Emergency correction view

For those of you who are familiar with SAP Application Interface Framework, you will notice that those are features that we have already supported when using the SAP GUI in the SAP Application Interface Framework add-on or in SAP S/4HANA. With providing those apps in SAP Fiori UX technology, you now have the possibility to run custom-specific operations also in public cloud.

Let's provide you some more context:

Setup alerting app

With this app, you can maintain your user-specific settings for the alert notifications.

For the interfaces that you are assigned to, you can decide whether you get any alert notification at all and if so whether you like to suppress mass alerts or not. As you can see from the screenshot below, you can choose either of the following options: Always, Once, Never.

If you have chosen Once, and an error occured, you need to first confirm the alert in the message monitor before getting notified again for this particular interface.


Maintain trace level app

In the Maintain trace level app, you can define the trace level for a particular interface.

By default, the trace level is 0. For a particular interface, you can increase the trace level to gather more log details in the message monitor. When setting the trace level, you can define a date and time until when the trace level is set.

Emergency correction app

The Emergency correction app has similar capabilities like the Message Monitor for Integration Experts. In addition, the app lets you edit any payload field regardless whether the field is defined as changeable or not. You use this app to do emergency corrections only, i.e., where the issue can be fixed by changing a field which usually cannot be changed. For sure, this requires a specific role assigned to your user, see links below. As you can see in screenshot below, in emergency mode all fields can be edited.

For more details about the new features, check out the documentation at the help portal: