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Take advantage of the downtime minimization feature when upgrading your SAP Solution Manager to release 7.2!

If you use your SAP Solution Manager extensively and plan an upgrade to the release 7.2, you probably would like to keep the downtime during the upgrade project to a minimum, to have system’s essential functionality available again as soon as possible.

Software Update Manager (SUM) 1.0 SPS19 supports downtime minimization for SAP Solution Manager upgrades. Using this option, the technical downtime (Execution roadmap step of SUM) can be reduced significantly, because more of the downtime-relevant update phases are executed in the Preprocessing roadmap step of SUM, while the system is still available.

(Important: We highly recommend to test the upgrade procedure with a copy of your production system first as part of your upgrade project. This will help you to avoid issues and to calculate the business downtime during the productive upgrade.)

The nZDM capability of SUM uses the shadow instance for the main import. The Record & Replay technique in nZDM allows capturing database changes on the production instance during uptime, and importing new content into the shadow instance while all users are still able to work on the production system.

The nZDM capabilities can be activated via the SUM UI by first choosing the preconfiguration mode “Advanced” and afterwards choosing the “nZDM” option as described in section near-Zero Downtime Maintenance (nZDM) in the SUM guide.




For more information about platform coverage, potential restrictions, and troubleshooting of nZDM, see SAP Note 1678564 "Restrictions, Database-specific Settings, and Troubleshooting of nZDM/SUM".



SUM guide:

SAP Note 1678564 "Restrictions, Database-specific Settings, and Troubleshooting of nZDM/SUM"