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Guided Answer offer's help by providing a step by step guide to solve an issue or a process.

A tree is created by documenting the steps that one should go through when analyzing an issue.

As knowledge grows in a content area, trees can grow to include new branches, accommodating new or unforeseen circumstances or scenarios.

Conversely branches can be pruned if their content becomes obsolete. This allows the tree to remain healthy and relevant to the task or process which it documents.


What this GUIDED ANSWERS is about ?


This Guided Answers decision tree will assist you with troubleshooting of Navigation and rendering issues seen in Enterprise Portal

Errors investigated in this Guided Answers are :

  • Portal Rendering issues in IE

  • Portal is not responsive in IE

  • Portal is opening new window in a blank screen

  • Portal is not rendering application correctly

  • Text input in the filed is not possible in the application

  • The Buttons in the Launchpad or application are not responsive.

  • The processing circle goes on in an infinite loop on opening any report

  • Portal iView/page is not rendering the content inside the portal content area




2455640 - Navigation Issue in Enterprise Portal - Guided Answers