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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
In today's fast-paced, data-centric world, businesses are constantly seeking ways to harness the power of data to drive innovation, improve decision-making, and gain a competitive edge. Yet, navigating the complexities of data acquisition, management, and utilization can be akin to sailing uncharted waters.

As a Business Transformation Services Consultant at SAP, and from my previous experience working with startups as Data Providers for Data Marketplace for SAP Datasphere at SAP.iO, I've witnessed firsthand the evolving landscape of data management and analytics.

In this blog, I'll share my insights into

The Dilemma of Internal Data, Ship of Your Organization & Trio of Data-Driven Success

In this data-driven world, businesses recognize that valuable insights often lie beyond their internal data stores. To thrive in the competitive landscape, they need access to external data sources. SAP Datasphere addresses this need by offering a Data Marketplace, a treasure trove of external data providers and products. However, this abundance of options brought about a challenge - how do you efficiently find the specific data you require amidst this vast selection?

Imagine your organization as a ship, embarking on a journey towards data-driven excellence. To make this journey successful, you need 3 essential elements:

  • an environment that offers a vast treasure trove of data,

  • a reliable tool for precise data discovery,

  • and a structured methodology to steer your course.

This trio forms the foundation of your data-driven success. Next, we'll look at the key elements of how to navigate in the sea of data:

Element 1: SAP Datasphere Data Marketplace - Your Data Harbor

Element 2: Data Finder by Datarade - Your Navigational Compass

Element 3: Data & Analytics Methodology - Your Charted Course

Conclusion & The Holistic Approach: A Unified Vision

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Element 1: SAP Datasphere Data Marketplace - Your Data Harbor

Every ship needs a harbor, a secure and reliable place to anchor and access valuable resources. SAP Datasphere Data Marketplace serves as this harbor for organizations on their data journey. It offers a rich and diverse ecosystem of external data providers and products, providing a wide array of data assets waiting to be harnessed.

Within this bustling harbor, you can find data sources that can propel your business forward, whether it's market intelligence, customer insights, or industry-specific data. SAP Datasphere Data Marketplace becomes your go-to destination for external data, allowing you to tap into a world of possibilities.

Element 2: Data Finder by Datarade - Your Navigational Compass

Now, imagine navigating this bustling harbor without a clear direction. This is where Data Finder by Datarade becomes your indispensable navigational compass. In the vast sea of data offerings, Data Finder serves as your trusted guide, pointing you in the right direction.

If your data journey requires specialized data not yet listed in the Data Marketplace, Data Finder ensures you don't hit a dead end. It's your direct line to Datarade, a data aggregator with an extensive network of data providers. Think of it as your signal flare when you're seeking specific data that's not yet offered within the harbor. Data Finder empowers you to articulate your unique data needs, ensuring you reach your destination with precision:

Use Case 1: Rapid Access to Unlisted Data

Imagine you're working on a critical project that demands niche data not currently available on SAP Datasphere. In the past, this might have caused delays or compromises in your analytics. With Data Finder, you have a direct line to Datarade, who can source the precise data you need, ensuring your project stays on track.

Use Case 2: Tailored Data Solutions

Every business has unique data requirements. Data Finder empowers you to articulate your specific data needs, allowing Datarade to tailor solutions that perfectly align with your objectives. Whether it's market research, demographic insights, or any other data-driven initiative, Data Finder ensures you get the right data, right when you need it.

Element 3: Data & Analytics Methodology - Your Charted Course

Even with a secure harbor and a reliable compass, a ship needs a well-charted course to reach its destination efficiently. This is where our Data & Analytics Methodology comes into play. Think of it as the blueprint for your data journey. This structured approach breaks your data journey into distinct phases, from scoping and defining objectives to architecting solutions and implementing governance. It's the systematic framework that ensures your data-driven initiatives are not adrift but purposeful and strategic.

Incorporating Data Finder into this methodology creates a seamless synergy. As you move through each phase, Data Finder remains your link to external data sources. It helps you expand your scope, tailor your solutions, enrich your architectures, and ensure governance strategies encompass all data sources. Data Finder becomes an integral part of your structured data journey. Let's see how it fits into our story:

Phase I: Scoping & Baseline Analysis

In the initial phase of any data-driven initiative, defining the scope and understanding the baseline are pivotal. Organizations need to determine what data is required, what problems it will solve, and how it will align with their strategic goals. Traditionally, this phase could be constrained by the availability of data within the organization.

Data Finder in Phase I: Data Finder introduces a significant advantage in this phase. If the data required for your project is not currently available within the SAP Datasphere Data Marketplace, Data Finder serves as the bridge to access external data sources. It allows you to expand the scope of your investigation without being limited by what's already listed in the marketplace. By connecting directly with Datarade, you can discuss your scope, objectives, and timeline, ensuring that your project has access to all the data it needs from the very beginning.

Phase II: Business Outcomes & Solution Requirements

As your project progresses, you move into the phase of defining specific business outcomes and solution requirements. Here, you determine what data-driven business outcomes you aim to achieve and identify the necessary data products and capabilities required to realize those outcomes.

Data Finder in Phase II: In this phase, Data Finder plays a crucial role in ensuring that your solution requirements are met precisely. By establishing a direct connection with Datarade, you can communicate your specific data needs, whether it's market-specific data, customer demographics, or any other niche requirement. Data Finder empowers you to tailor your solution concept, ensuring that it aligns perfectly with your business objectives.

Phase III: Capability Map & Solution Architecture

The third phase focuses on identifying the technical data capabilities required to realize your use cases and business outcomes. It involves mapping these capabilities to technology solutions and reviewing reference architectures.

Data Finder in Phase III: Data Finder remains relevant in Phase III by serving as the gateway to external data capabilities. If any of your identified technical capabilities require data that's not available within the Data Marketplace, Data Finder ensures that this gap is addressed. It connects you with Datarade to explore external data sources that can enrich your solution architecture.

Phase IV: Data Governance & Roadmaps

Data governance and roadmaps are essential components of a successful data strategy. They involve designing a tailored plan to ensure data quality, compliance, and long-term management.

Data Finder in Phase IV: Even in this governance-focused phase, Data Finder maintains its significance. It ensures that your data governance strategy encompasses all your data sources, including those secured through Datarade. By connecting with Datarade, you can establish clear data governance protocols for both internal and external data, guaranteeing that your data remains accurate, compliant, and secure.

Conclusion & The Holistic Approach: A Unified Vision

In this holistic approach, SAP Datasphere Data Marketplace provides the environment, Data Finder serves as the essential tool, and the Data & Analytics Methodology becomes your guiding methodology. Together, they form a unified vision for data-driven success.

As your organization sets sail in the data-driven seas, remember that you're not navigating blindly. You have a secure harbor, a reliable compass, and a well-charted course. With SAP Datasphere Data Marketplace, Data Finder by Datarade, and the Data & Analytics Methodology as your allies, you're equipped to not only survive but thrive in the data-driven era. Your journey is purposeful, your path is clear, and your destination is success.

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