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In the ever-evolving realm of business intelligence, staying ahead demands embracing cutting-edge solutions. Lumira Designer, a cherished companion for over a decade, has showcased its prowess as a solo musician, weaving precise melodies of data insights. However, as we look to the future, questions arise about its long-term potential, especially with the cloud-based SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) stepping into the spotlight. SAC, like a skilled orchestra conductor, orchestrates a harmonious symphony of data insights, offering a transformative and comprehensive reporting experience.


SAC and Lumira: The Orchestra and the Solo Artist

Imagine SAC as a masterful orchestra conductor, guiding an ensemble of diverse talents - data sources, planning capabilities, and interactive visualizations - to create a magnificent symphony of data insights. SAC's cloud-based nature enables a collaborative performance, uniting users from different corners of the world to harmonize and co-create a cohesive data-driven narrative.

On the other hand, Lumira stands as a captivating solo artist, offering precision and focus in delivering targeted insights. Like a virtuoso musician captivating an audience with a mesmerizing solo performance, Lumira excels in addressing specific data reporting needs with finesse and skill.


Challenges and Opportunities in the Transition

While both SAC and Lumira are powerful reporting tools, transitioning from Lumira to SAC requires a strategic rethinking. A simple "lift and shift" approach falls short of unlocking the full potential of SAC's symphony of features. SAC's cloud-based and diverse functionalities demand a fresh perspective and meticulous planning to optimize the rich possibilities it offers.


Addressing difficulties

To navigate the transformative journey with confidence, SAP's Center of Expertise (COE) for Analytics, Planning, and Consolidation becomes your expert conductor. As a trusted partner for customers with MaxAttention or Premium Engagement contracts, COE experts craft a comprehensive roadmap tailored to your unique requirements.


The Four Phases of the Data Symphony

Before we embark on the transformative journey of re-platforming from Lumira to SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC), it's essential to gain a high-level understanding of the four distinct phases that will guide us through this exciting process:

  1. Scoping and Preparation

In this initial phase, your Lumira environment undergoes a thorough assessment. Clear project goals, timelines, and resource allocation are defined, laying the foundation for a seamless migration.

  1. Mock-up

Creating interactive prototypes and design mock-ups to visualize the future state of your analytics solution. Through this iterative process, alignment with your business objectives is achieved, delivering an enhanced user experience.

  1. Implementation

During this crucial stage, Lumira Designer assets are transformed into dynamic SAC dashboards and applications, leveraging SAC's array of capabilities.

  1. Handover

Comprehensive testing, validation, and user acceptance ensure the data symphony meets your expectations. Thorough documentation and knowledge transfer empower your team to manage and maintain the migrated solution. Additional training sessions introduce users to SAC's advanced features.

Example of a project plan


Delivery methodology

We are using a similar methodology like in Jump-start Analytics and Data management services. It helps our customers realize a first functioning prototype in the area of BTP analytics and data management. The key focus is to “learn from experience” while realizing a functioning prototype with a highly restricted scope in a sandbox environment – for on-premise, cloud, or hybrid environments – under the guidance of SAP experts.

Delivery methodology

To provide further insights, main service activities could like this on an example timeline. Please also see the next picture, where activities are assigned for reference.

Service plan

Key activities

Beyond Lift and Shift

A mere lift and shift is not recommended, given SAC's distinctive features. This transition presents an opportunity to optimize your requirements, focusing on an enhanced user experience (UX). Our experts can help identify alternative approaches to current behaviors, leveraging SAC's capabilities to their fullest potential.

Emphasizing Accessibility and Inclusivity

During this re-platforming project, we also emphasize the importance of ensuring accessibility and an inclusive user experience. Our experts conduct thorough reviews, making recommendations to meet diverse user needs.


Enriching the Symphony

As you consider re-platforming from Lumira to SAP Analytics Cloud, we assure you that SAP's Center of Expertise stands ready to lead you on this transformative musical journey. Reach out to your SAP representative or TQM to unleash the full potential of SAC, the unrivaled symphony of data insights that elevate your business intelligence to new heights.