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  • I’m a developer looking to create success factors extensions on the SAP Cloud Platform, where can I learn more?

  • How can I get started with the SAP Cloud Platform Cloud Foundry environment?

  • SAP has so much information on security, where is the one place I can go to get myself started?

If you switch out any of the bolded terms and insert your role/topic of focus, are these questions you’ve asked yourself in the past?

Why SAP Learning Journeys

SAP as one of the world’s largest enterprise software companies in the world offers solutions to solve complex business challenges. Coupled with that comes an enormous amount of information to get customers, partners and end users equipped with the tools to implement these scenarios. Most people would agree that just because enterprise software and the challenges it overcomes are complex, the steps to learning about the various innovations and solutions can be simple.

A learning journey as the name implies is a guide, designed to help learners understand and navigate the complete path to become fully competent with an SAP Innovation. The concept of a learning journey is not new and in fact you may have previously gone through a learning journey here. We set out on a mission recently to take these learning journeys and enhance them to provide you with a one stop shop on the most relevant digital offerings we have publicly available. Soon the old learning journeys will be enhanced and migrated to the new platform here.

We created these enhanced learning journeys with the people eager to learn about SAP Innovations in mind and determined 3 primary benefits they can afford you:

  1. Learning Journeys explicitly detail what you need to do to become fully competent on a given SAP solution product or topic

  2. Learning Journeys guide your enablement by clearly presenting what options or alternatives you have available to you as well as the most important details of those learning offerings

  3. Learning Journeys help you manage you learning over time, such as a re-starting a learning goal or shifting to a new learning goal

How does it work?

Learning journeys are built in a structured way meant to guide learners to explore, filter, and access a curated set of learning offerings for a specific SAP product or topic. We will have 2 types of learning journey’s available for consumption:

  1. Fundamental Learning Journeys focusing on the capabilities of the SAP Cloud Platform

  2. End-to-End Solution Oriented Learning Journeys that dive deeper into a topic that integrates multiple capabilities, for example SAP SuccessFactors Extensions

Regardless of type the content within Learning Journey’s is structured into four key sections:

  1. Start with an overview: designed for those who are just starting out with a topic or solution. As expected with an overview, learners will gain a comprehensive understanding of the chosen topic and be equipped with the general goal of the learning journey (for example, implementing S/4HANA).

  2. Become fully competent: this section is the main crux of the learning journey where you will gain in-depth knowledge of your topic. Where applicable we see the final piece of this section being an official SAP Associate certification.

  3. Stay current: In the software world and particularly the cloud world we’re all apart of it’s a no brainer that changes will come frequently; be it in the form of bug fixes, new features or even an additional innovation. With that we think it is incredibly important to equip learners with the tools needed to stay current. In this section, we provide links where you can stay up to date and maintain a certain level of knowledge on a given topic.

  4. Expand your skills: the final section of the learning journey, is specifically designed to help learners broaden and strengthen their skills, and progress towards the next level of certification. Where applicable, this section would lead to a professional or specialist certification.

Next Steps:

We’re just getting started and we’re dreaming big. We have set forth some big goals in the coming year to provide you with the best possible learning experience. Our first step has been set in motion and we will continue to enhance the old learning journeys with more digital assets so they are more comprehensive. At the same time, we are working to make these learning journey’s interactive. We believe learners should be guided through their journey and we understand that while you have good intentions to sit down and learn something new many times life happens and you get distracted. We want to make sure that when you return you can easily pick up where you left off.

This is just the tip of the iceberg and we’re excited to continuing sorting through the “SAP Jungle” of knowledge to bring you the most relevant information to accelerate your learning needs. We’re building this with you as our end user in mind so please feel free to let us know what you need. Drop us a comment and let us know topics you need learning journeys for or any inspired ways we can enhance our offerings for you.

Happy learning!