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SAP Japan has been collaborating with Hakusan Corporation since April 2016 with a theme of earthquake disaster prevention. Hakusan Corporation is a professional of seismography and we SAP are a provider of in-memory computing platform - SAP HANA. With a strong tie of this two companies, we aim to build a system we have never seen before for earthquake disaster prevention.

One Billion Lives 2016

“Help the world run better and improve people’s lives.” is SAP’s corporate vision, and One Billion Lives has started based on this vision. In March 2016, out of one hundred eighty ideas were gathered from SAP Asia Pacific regions and three of them were chosen as projects. And one of three ideas generated by SAP Japan’s voluntary members was, “Using IoT sensors visualize, measure and study seismic waves in minor earthquakes and better predict waves, building stability and improve preparedness, response and mitigation strategies in earthquake events.


How we met with Hakusan Corporation

We SAP have secured the budget to “measure the shake of individual building” but we in fact knew nothing about earthquakes or buildings. Then, we reached a top manufacturer of earthquake monitoring devices, Hakusan Corporation who had designed, developed and set up most of associate networks throughout Japan. At that time, they had already developed and released seismometer apps for iPhone/iPod touch/iPad called “iJishin” and “iShindo” which measure movement of earthquake with the accelerometer built in there.

We promptly visited the headquarters of Hakusan Corporation at Fuchu-city in Tokyo and found that we precisely complement each other with win-win relationship. They welcomed us as we share common philosophy and accepted to establish a partnering relationship with us.


What we particularly do in this project is to get a smartphone application newly developed by Hakusan Corporation named “myShindo” which measures intensity of earthquake with iPhone/iPod touch/iPad attached at the building frame, and then collect the intensity data from the app to SAP Cloud Platform.

Since we started, one hundred “used” mobile devices with myShindo have placed at the houses of SAP Japan employees and we have been collecting seismic data to get knowledge for wide-scale operation in the future. At the same time, we are proceeding discussions with other companies and organizations who consider utilizing earthquake data in their businesses.


In 2017: Advanced example of IoT utilization which leads Japan and transforms society

2017 was a year we unveiled myShindo to the world beyond Asia Pacific regions. At the biggest IT fair CeBIT held at Hannover in March this year, we distributed an introduction movie of this idea as one of our IoT projects. -> VIDEO

Also at the Japan Summit in CeBIT, Bernd Leukert who is responsible for Development and Delivery of Products in SAP made a presentation of this project. -> VIDEO

Besides, we have interviewed Hakusan Corporation’s CTO Mr. Tanaka at SAP Leonardo Live held in July. -> VIDEO


4-Tier structure of Digital Platform

At every chance to introduce “myShindo,” everyone says it is great. It is probably because they intuitionally feel “good aptitude” from there.

What is “good aptitude” then?

In successful big data businesses, there is a common scheme that it previously takes needs of final beneficiary such as consumers, customers or societies and is designed to get compensation from the solution which uses open data with necessary process like anonymization, based on the stored data in the platform. Also, it needs to be built with the whole plan included to get value-added data from there.

See the graphic on the right. We call it “4-Tier Digital Platform.”

The projects; MindSphere of Siemens, CancerLinQof ASCO (American Society of Clinical Oncology) and Crop Disease Alert Appof Waterwatch Cooperative are made of this 4-Tier structure.

myShindo allows to predict damage of possible large-scale earthquake in the future, individually measuring the intensity at the location where the person or the family lives/owns with the app developed by the Japanese leading seismometer manufacturer. That means, the users receive benefit at the source of origin which is the greatest strength of this project, and this is actually the driving force to collect big data. The more the data is collected in the platform, the more it allows to contribute to various stakeholders by using the data. In this way, we hope this digital platform could last into the future.


In 2018: Release to the world for the people who may suffer from earthquakes

This year in 2018, myShindo was adopted as a model project of SAP global marketing campaign and was exposed at Wall Street Journal North America with a full-page ad in the 9thof April. Also, the ad will be shown at the fifteen world’s main airports from July.

■ Airports with this ad are:Haneda, Narita, New York (JFK), New Ark, Washington DC, Chicago, Toronto, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Moscow, Dubai, Shanghai, Beijing, Singapore, Mexico City.

Find this ad at the airports!

We are aiming to contribute to the people who could be a possible victim of earthquake thus we are now focusing on to have a solid track record in Japan.

If you are interested in knowing intensity of the building you are at, we would appreciate you would access and download the most recent application, “Seismic Safety Chart”.

Link to Seismic Safety Chart App


Hakusan Corporation website is here.