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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Let me open this blog with a feeling of accomplishment. Yes, I am now an SAP Certified Citizen Developer Associate – Low-Code/No-Code Applications and Automations. With pride I hold the honor to represent SAP’s finest solution offering in Low-Code/No-Code space to our customers and partners.

I could practically observe why SAP solutions set benchmark. I will be sharing the reasons in my upcoming blogs on the subject. But to stay in the context of this blog, I will focus on sharing my experience of becoming a certified citizen developer, taking one step at a time.

This blog is in continuation to my previous blog on how to prepare for SAP Certified Citizen Developer Associate – Low-Code / No-Code Applications and Automations certification, which can be accessed here It’s all about SAP Low-Code/No-Code(LCNC) Development : Become a certified citizen developer | SAP B.... As now, I have completed my certification, I wish to share my experience with you all.

Kindly note: Everyone has a different way of preparation, I do not claim this to be the finest, but a workable one, which made me to complete my certification.

I followed a 6-step strategy to complete the certification:

  1. Set a deadline to complete the learning journey, or learning resources you rely on for the certification

  2. Book slot for certification, do it early, you will be time bound to do it else you can take your own sweet time

  3. Complete SAP Learning Journey, prepare bite size everyday

  4. Do as many hands-on exercises as possible

  5. Get familiar with the tools, it will help in answering some straightforward scoring questions

  6. Do a revision before the attempt, it always helps

Once, you set a deadline for completing the learning journey be it from SAP’s learning journey platform, product documentation portal, or any other social media platform, the countdown begin. I had started my preparation from the basic step by step tutorials on the AppGyver documentation. Followed by Low-Code/No-Code Applications for Citizen Developers | SAP Learning, where I could see a curated, power packed documentation of 18 hrs. with videos, hands-on exercise, and quiz after each lesson on:

  1. Business Process Overview,

  2. SAP Process Automation,

  3. Work Zone,

  4. Organizing Citizen Developer Hackathon, and Appathons.

It was all very much useful. You can access the SAP Learning journey at Low-Code/No-Code Applications for Citizen Developers | SAP Learning

SAP Learning Journey

You can access the global community of learners at SAP BTP Learning - SAP Community Groups

You will also find steps to access SAP AppGyver and SAP Process Automation tools. You can find the technology community, which covers everything from Quick start guides, blogs, documentations, videos and much more for SAP Process Automation at SAP Process Automation | SAP Community and for SAP AppGyver at SAP AppGyver | SAP Community

You do not have to go through everything in one shot. I picked up learning journey, did a lot of hands-on exercises, developing simple to much advanced applications using AppGyver and developing workflows using simple drag and drop functionality. Once, I set the foundation, I started exploring the learning communities, did write some blogs, had connect with customers and users on SAP’s forum. I even participated in conducting hands-on workshops for our partners and customers, faced their queries and learned from them too.

While continuing my learning curve, I did book my certification attempt. I now knew that I must do it in a stipulated time. That’s it! The revision phase started. Again, I started taking bite size learning, exploring the tool further, trying to implement furthermore use cases, thereby strengthening my hold on the tools.

Finally, the day arrived, I had booked the certification in afternoon time, when I can better concentrate for long hours. Followed the process, did start the exam, realized it was a mix of hands-on, conceptual, and in-depth questions on Business Process, tools, testing your app and workflow development skills, customizing Work Zone, organizing hackathons to name a few. I attempted all the questions in close to two and half hours and then revisited the flagged questions, where I had a bit of doubt. Pressed the Submit button to close the certification exam. Got to see a wonderful percentage and a message stating that you have passed the exam.

Got my badge in a few hours, and now I am happy to share it here. I will be sharing it soon on my linked in account Chandra Bhushan Singh | LinkedIn. Feel free to get in touch with me, whenever you have any questions on the certifications. I will be more than happy to assist.

C_LCNC_01 Certification Badge

Hope this helps you in planning your certification and clearing it too. I will be soon back with my new blog on SAP LCNC offering.