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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

With SMP 3.0 latest release SP11, Management cockpit got a new look and feel (similar to mobile service cockpit on HCP) based on SAP FioriTec style. There is an easy navigation, great user interface and of course improved in texting format. 'Home' page got nice tiles view with great 'Toggle Menu' on left side.


I had a quick look across it hence sharing my findings and suggestions for some existing and new features.

1. There is no 'Context sensitive help' guide as FioriTec Style doesn't support it. Click on 'Help' (question icon) on top bar,  -  a direct link to SP11 help documentation


2.. Table view and Tile View on 'Applications' page



My PoV: When i switch to 'Tile View', instead of showing App name (like test ap, test), i would prefer to see Application ID since AppID has to be used for all REST API calls.


3. Create a new App:

  • New feature: Enable CSRF protection (Reference)

  • My PoV:

    • There is no apps versioning available, so what is the point of showing 'Version' here?

    • Not much great to have 'Security profile name' option as same thing can/has to be selected from 'AUTHENTICATION' tab


    • BACKEND: With this SP11, 'User System proxy' checkbox is not available to tell the application to use proxy or not. that means (after upgrade to SP11),  application that doesn't require proxy won't longer work and ping fails. Well, this configuration can be done via 'non proxy hosts'  Settings->System->HTTP Proxy Settings->Non-proxy hosts) Check  SAP Note 2332148



  • New Rewrite Mode: Custom Rewrite URL  (No Reference in the documentation on how to use this feature)


    • Client Policies:

              My PoV: wish to have 'Export' functionality as sometime we may have to cross check settings to compare with its previous file. It would reduce manual work of copying the whole detailed settings into a file.



4. Registrations and users:

My PoV:  Wish to have an EXPORT option that would give an easy way to download registrations list in an excel format (In a support project, there may be a need to share list of registrations for an application for a given period of time as a periodic activity)



5. Cluster:


In a typical organization, DELETE/RESTART of an SMP instance has to be done by BASIS team and it should be done from the file system. When there are mutiple projects going on, SMP Admin role may have to be assigned to someone from project team, As a user having Admin role, i would not like to see such options (it's a danger when someone restarts SMP node from Admin UI and you have to spend time in checking in logs who has done it). In short, this 'Actions' tab shouldn't be there.




6. Reporting: Server Log Data


     Probably a wrong label. Should be SMP instead of HCPms




Here, whenever I have to look into latest server logs, I need to download that file. Max size of that file could be 20 MB (default size) and then I need a tool like notepad++ to view this file. Imagine if I look into logs for every 30 mins over a day that means at least 20 times I have to download those files. This would be unnecessary of data storage on my machine.


I remember in previous SP, whenever I used to click on any log files, it used to open in the browser. For any latest entries, I could just refresh the browser and see the updated logs. I heard, few customers didn’t like this option for some reasons and that feature was taken away.


My PoV:  give us a choice (maybe an Action icon in front of the file name) on every log file, either download it or open in a browser.


My PoV: Agentry Logs should be arranged in a Collapse/Expand node (like it is there in SP10 and previous versions)






   My Pov:  Again, similar concern as mentioned in step#6, DELETION of a certificate shouldn't be permitted via Admin UI

Note: Above points have been suggested based on our current project requirement, i am sure there will be more PoVs from others as well. Please do share it via blogs or in the comments section. #HappyLearning #HappySharing

Release Notes: SAP Mobile Platform Server - SAP Library

cc: martingrasshoff