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I want to know how much SAP HANA columnar storage table is efficient in terms of compression against row storage table and I have calculated these facts with my data. [I have data with 81,42,29,991 (more than 81 crores) rows and 10 columns in csv file and

memory size of the csv file is 81 GB.]

I have listed down compression statistics below for both row based and column based tables. [P.S: these facts and statistics with respect to only my data]

I have created both row table based and column based table using my data. Both the table is having 81 crore rows and 10 columns.

Row Storage Table:

Column Storage Table:

Both tables have same no of rows.


We will check compression ratio in both row based table and column based table. [Note: Memory size of CSV file is 81 GB. Data is imported from this file ]

Row Storage Table:

Memory Size of the table is 74 GB (approx.)

Column Storage Table:

Memory Size of the table is 9.7 GB only (approx.)


For my data, columnar storage compresses the data 7.6x times more than row storage. In column storage, the same set of data stored together and it gives better compression :smile: .