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The first thing I noticed when I arrived at SAP Waldorf was the enormity of the campus. This was the moment I realised the size of SAP. It was then that I realise that my opportunities at SAP were limitless.

As I entered building 5 (The training building), I could see all those unique design feature you would expect to see in a technology company nowadays, bean bags, the oddly decorated walls and other random features. The most interesting thing in the building for me was our workplace for the next 36 hours, it was the design thinking room. I have never seen a room as setup for innovation and creativity.  High stools, beanbags, white boards, flipcharts, stopwatch’s, timers, every colour of marker possible and most of all post-its, post-its everywhere.

Now to the Innojam, never had I even thought of competing in an Innojam until my manager forward this to me. I thought it was worth a shot and fired in my CV. Luckily enough I managed to be one of the lucky student selected to go. An Innojam for those who don’t know is the combination of innovation, creativity, persistence and technical ability. You are assigned to a random team and asked to present a demo of an app to judges on a topic of the organiser’s choice (app to help people in sap increase productivity). I learned lots on a technical side from the SAP mentors as well as my fellow competitors but most of all I learned the importance of good teamwork. Before I never truly realised the importance of “Effective and concise communication” (to quote every CV ever) and Co-operation. I was able to see how one small misunderstanding could slow a team down massively.

On the technical side, I was very challenge by the Innojam. As I had never seen SAPUi5 before and many of my competitors had. This caused me some trouble in the early hour of the morning but I got to grips with it sometime around 5. It was an unusual experience learning something new at that time as your attention span begin to fail and all that is keeping you going is determination.

Finally, when all the projects were presented the organisers hosted all the competitors on the roof of building one to celebrate completing the Innojam. I’d like to thank the SAP University Alliances Team for organising this event and allowing me the opportunity to attend this event.