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In this blog post I would like to explain

  • Why there is a need to create multiple teams in a Project

  • How to create multiple teams

  • How the default team called "PMO team" is special

so lets get started

Why multiple teams in a Project

As Projects can be bigger in size , the Project lead may want to track different areas of work differently. As an example the Project lead my want to divide the Project user base by

  • Countries

  • Lines of Business

  • Org structure

  • Special focus eg Auditing and compliance

  • Workstreams

or any other business reason. That's why its important that the Project has more than one team


How to create multiple teams

You can navigate to the teams tab in a Project and click on Create

The next screen allows you to create a  short Team Title , a longer Team description and add persons to the designated Project roles

please note you can delete the user created teams later.


What is the system defined default team called "PMO Team"

When you create a new Project , system creates one team by default called "PMO team". This team can not be deleted

PMO stands for Project management Office. Each team consists of set of Project roles but one Project role called "Project lead" has special privilege . A Project lead can as an example

  • Perform project setup

  • Maintain Project timelines

  • Maintain Project team information

This role "Project Lead" appears only in  "PMO team" which is created by the system. Please note if you use different terminology , you can change this name but please understand that the role "Project Lead" can not be added to a user created team.

How to work with teams

You can use the defined teams for Task assignments and then use them for filtering. You can also create views in your task list for teams

Planned capabilities*

As we deliver software incrementally , this capability will be enhanced .

The planned enhancements in this topic are

  • mass assignments of tasks to teams

  • ensuring assignment of teams is possible for Requirements also

  • moving the team information to a tab outside the Project for better user experience

  • allowing the same team to be assigned to more than one Project

*Please note that the current state of planning can change anytime.

Next steps

Stay tuned for more information. If you want to give feedback or have a question , feel free to drop a comment. Please bookmark these two links