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Way back in February (has it been that long?), we released three Fiori-based rapid-deployment solutions (RDS) focused on the most effective way to deploy, configure, and create Fiori apps. And while it hasn't yet been six months, much has changed since then. SAP Fiori -- a delightfully simple yet powerful approach to user experience -- is now included (i.e., free!) for SAP customers; Americans now seem to be interested in football (ok, admittedly only sort of related to Fiori and RDS); and finally, all three Fiori-based rapid-deployment solutions have now been updated to reflect the latest Fiori apps and improvements.

One of the best features of the RDS methodology is the flexibility it offers to anyone interested in getting started with SAP Fiori. The best practices, configuration guides, and design guidelines -- which are part of these Fiori rapid-deployment solutions -- are all freely available for download (i.e., included) as an added benefit for SAP customers interested in quickly and predictably improving their user experience (UX). I like to refer to this unofficially as the "self-service" model. SAP has this new approach to user experience (i.e., Fiori), and it makes sense that there should be a quick and predictable implementation methodology (RDS) provided for how best to take advantage of Fiori.

But then, of course, this "self-service" approach may not be enough for some customers who would like an even stronger guided approach. So each RDS also offers a corresponding service that allows for this predictable approach to be managed and deployed by SAP Services or an SAP qualified partner. In fact, SAP has now put together an even broader set of user experience services based on these latest Fiori rapid-deployment solutions. For those interested, check out SAP's UX Adoption Service Kits which include options for advisory services (for example, learn the benefits of UX renovation relative to your specific environment and design a UX renovation plan for your needs) as well as launch and accelerate options to deploy and extend these new user experience innovations from SAP.

But let's get back to the latest rapid-deployment solutions, which are the basis for the above service options or are available for "self-service" use. What has changed specifically since the last release you might ask? Let me give a quick overview below with corresponding links to provide even more details about each new release, including links to get you started as quickly as possible via a direct download for each package.

As always, feel free to ask questions or leave comments below. We strive to make your SAP UX journey as painless as possible and welcome your feedback!

  • SAP Fiori Apps rapid-deployment solution: Quickly deploy and configure any combination of the latest 52 transactional SAP Fiori apps available (up from 44 Fiori transactional apps available previously).

          (Service Marketplace Page | Direct Download)

  • SAP Fiori Design rapid-deployment solution  (previously SAPUI5 Design RDS): New name, stronger focus on Fiori! Learn how to create your own Fiori-designed apps predictably with Fiori design best practices, sample apps, a design thinking workshop, and more! Now with a Fiori architecture guide plus a new optional NetWeaver Gateway service (if you don't already have NetWeaver Gateway installed and configured).

          (Service Marketplace Page | Direct Download)

  • SAP Fiori Infrastructure rapid-deployment solution: Interested in Fiori combined with Suite on HANA? Quickly deploy and configure the landscape foundation to take advantage of hundreds of transactional, analytical, and factsheet Fiori apps, optimized to run on SAP Business Suite powered by HANA.

          (Service Marketplace Page | Direct Download)