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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Hi everyone,

have you missed the 2-hour workshop about "Modern iOS development with SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS" (PAR161) from SAP TechEd 2020? Or were you looking for a recording of the presented content?

Good news! Despite the fact that those workshops are generally not available as recording we started to produce and publish its content 🙂

Three topics were covered in the workshop:

  • iOS crash reporting capabilities

  • iOS 14 widget development

  • Fiori for iOS migration strategy from UIKit to SwiftUI

Below you find a short summary as well as the link to the published content for each topic.

iOS crash reporting capabilities

Recently released version 6.0 of SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS introduces support for iOS crash reporting. Gather client crash data and upload them to SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Services, where you use analytical tools to gauge the impact on business users.

A detailed blog post helps you to understand

  • how to allow crash log upload in Mobile Services

  • how to collect and upload crash logs with the SDK

  • how to upload dSYM files in Mobile Services

  • how to analyze and drill down on crash information in Mobile Services

The following blog post includes a video of how to analyze crash reports in Mobile Services as well as links to the official documentation.

iOS 14 widget development

iOS 14 widgets promote quick and easy access to relevant, glanceable content of your app and allow users quickly to get to your app for more information.

Apple claims that only a "small amount of setup, and a few decisions about the configuration and style of your user interface" is needed to add a widget.

But for enterprise apps especially the concept of sharing data securely between app and widget is non-trivial.

Version 6.0 of SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS and its Assistant Mac app helps to speed up the development process. The following video focuses on

  • the built-in capabilities of the auto-generated widget implementation from the SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS Assistant

  • the concepts of how to share data securely between your app and the widget app extension as well as

  • how to adjust the auto-generated default implementation to your needs

Video Link

Fiori for iOS migration strategy from UIKit to SwiftUI

SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS offers UIKit-based implementation of Fiori for iOS with SAPFiori framework, a closed-code binary framework of the SDK. In light of our open source activities and the acknowledgment of the importance of SwiftUI, we are proud to announce the migration plans for Fiori for iOS to SwiftUI.

The video of the presented information will be available in early 2021 and then the video will be linked in this blog post.

For technical details, how to have a sneak preview, and how to engage in discussions please visit

Cheers and Happy Holidays!