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Today at SAP TechEd in Barcelona, SAP announced plans to enable customers to deploy and consume SAP Fiori apps across both on-premise and cloud architectures while delivering superior mobile app performance. This news involves two new HANA Cloud Platform applications services. The full press release can be read here.

First, the cloud edition of SAP Fiori (now in controlled availability) is a HANA Cloud Platform service that enables you to simplify the implementation and adoption of SAP Fiori. The great part is that it runs in the cloud yet consumes business data from your on-premise systems.

  • Learn more about the features of SAP Fiori, cloud edition here. You’ll find a feature list, see a product walkthrough, and watch videos.
  • Watch the video released at SAP TechEd Barcelona showing how SAP Runs SAP Fiori, cloud edition.
  • Create your own demo account here.

Second, I’d like to spend more time on the SAP Fiori mobile service. I’m personally excited to share details of this new offering that I’ve been working on for the past 6 months. We recognized early on that mobile is a required use case for SAP Fiori deployments – over 80% of customers who have downloaded Fiori want to use it on mobile devices. Our goal with this product is to help you optimize SAP Fiori for mobile performance and productivity – to simplify the way you package, customize, secure, connect, test, distribute, and monitor SAP Fiori apps.

As your Fiori initiatives gain momentum, you will likely face (or are already facing) the challenge of how to deliver SAP Fiori functionality in a way that satisfies your mobile users. They want high performance apps yet at the same time they expect to leverage the features of mobile devices like integrating with camera, location, and calendar. If you plan for mobile when you start your SAP Fiori projects you’ll be one step ahead of the game. 

So what exactly is SAP Fiori mobile service? Simply put, it is a HANA Cloud Platform service that helps you optimize SAP Fiori for mobile performance. SAP Fiori provides the best possible user experience; the mobile service takes you beyond accessing SAP Fiori apps from a Web browser and provides secure and streamlined integration with complex deployment scenarios.

I think one of our customers (Kunal Gandhi, SAP technical lead at ESRI) stated it best: “SAP Fiori mobile service can help us simplify our infrastructure in the cloud while still allowing us to integrate with our on-premise back-office systems. Leveraging a single solution to build, secure and distribute SAP Fiori apps will allow us to concentrate on app development with a focus on the UX while helping to streamline the process to mobilize apps for our end users.”

I’ve put together a video demonstrating the product and highlighting the key steps to managing the entire app lifecycle; first building the Fiori mobile app, then testing that app, publishing the app to an enterprise app store, and finally monitoring its ongoing usage.

Please reach out to me via email if you'd like more information.