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The MobiLink server supports SAP Sybase IQ consolidated database.

Now I build simple MobiLink environment with a SAP IQ consolidated database.

In this case, there are 2 machines, one is for IQ environment and another is for MobiLink environment.

Product Version:

     SQL Anywhere  - 17.0 SP0 PL8 Build 2053

     SAP IQ - 16.0 SP11

This Blog is 2 of 2.

Previous :  MobiLink with SAP IQ consolidated database - 1/2

5.Generated files

The summary.txt file is generated as follows.


In this file, there are description about generated files.



     The following files have been generated:

         C:\mliq\mliq_project\sync_mliq_deploy\remote_setup.sql      (SQL to setup a remote database)

         C:\mliq\mliq_project\sync_mliq_deploy\cons_setup.sql      (SQL to setup a consolidated database)

        C:\mliq\mliq_project\sync_mliq_deploy\remote_setup.bat      (Command file to execute SQL against a remote database.)

        C:\mliq\mliq_project\sync_mliq_deploy\cons_setup.bat      (Command file to execute SQL against a consolidated database.)

        C:\mliq\mliq_project\sync_mliq_deploy\mlsrv.bat      (Command file to start the MobiLink server.)

        C:\mliq\mliq_project\sync_mliq_deploy\sync.bat      (Command file to start the synchronization client.)

    Consolidated database: mliq_consdb

    MobiLink server command line: Default

    MobiLink server options: -c "UID=dba;DSN=IQ16Test" -v -x TCPIP(host="localhost";port="2439")

    Client network options: TCPIP(host=localhost;port=2439)

    MobiLink user: u1

    MobiLink password: u1

    Synchronization profile name: sync_mliq_u1

    Remote synchronization options: Subscription=sync_mliq_u1;MobiLinkPwd=u1

    SQL will be executed against the consolidated database to prepare it for synchronization.

    A new remote database will be created and the SQL executed to prepare it for synchronization.

        The new database will be written to: C:\mliq\mliq_project\sync_mliq_deploy\sync_mliq_remote.db


6. Start Remote Database

You can start remote database and start Interactive SQL (dbisql) as follows.

After log in to database by Interactive SQL, and select mltest1 table.

At this time, mltest1 table has 0 row.

7. Start MobiLink Server

You can start MobiLink Server by mlsrv.bat which is generated in project directory.

And popped up MobiLink console window.

8. Run sync.bat

If you run sync.bat without argument, you can get usage as follows.


   Usage:   sync.bat CONNECTION

   CONNECTION   REMOTE DBA connection string for synchronizing the remote database

   (eg "DBF=my_db.db;UID=my_sync_user;PWD=my_sync_pass")
    See also "GRANT REMOTE DBA statement" in documentation.

Run sync.bat as follows.

And popped up console window.

9. Select Remote Database Table

And select mltest1 table on remote database.

At this time, mltest1 table is synchronized.

10. Add data on the consolidated database

Move to IQ consolidated database environment.

And add data as follows.

     insert into mltest1(col1,col2) values (11,'KKK');


And select the table.

11. Run sync.bat

Move to MobiLink environment.

If still there is a SQL Anywhere MobiLink Client whindow,

click Shutdown bottun.

And run sync.bat again.

And popped up window is

Synchronization succeeded.

12. Select on Remote Database

On the remote database, select mltest1 again.

Added data is synchronized.

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