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Developer Advocate
Developer Advocate
It was about a week ago, that I was talking to a colleague about Mobile Devices and Mobility in general and that made me think… “Let’s revisit my Blog Posts from nearly 10 Years ago.” At that time, I was just transitioning from being a Mobile Evangelist in Sybase to SAP Developer Relations (with SAP’s acquisition of Sybase), also keeping an eye out on Mobile amongst other things.

Thoughts etc

I’m still super happy with my thoughts, predictions, and analysis of where I thought Enterprise Mobility would/should go in the future (which is now) and that a lot has become fact. Such thoughts include:

  • the Prosumer,

  • the CMoO (Chief Mobility Officer),

  • the MIC (Mobile Innovation Council),

  • 5×5 for building 5-Star in-house Enterprise Mobile Apps,

  • Enterprise Complexity to Mobile Simplexity,

  • Innovative Mobile to the Rescue,

  • The most strategic weapon in your Mobile Arsenal,

  • Is it iTime for iOS?,

  • and much more.

In fact I can’t believe I was a little dubious about Apple Watch, when I’m such a devoted fan now 😆.


I’m thinking of how to organise these better in the future, but in the meantime, here are a collection of links you can look at now… but make sure you’re looking at those marked Blog Posts, and NOT Answer, Comment or Document.

  • ian.thain#content::25

  • ian.thain#content::24

  • ian.thain#content::23

  • ian.thain#content::22

  • ian.thain#content::21

  • ian.thain#content::18

  • ian.thain#content::17

  • ian.thain#content::16

  • ian.thain#content::14

  • ian.thain#content::13

  • ian.thain#content::9

Also if you have 40 minutes, check out the YouTube recording of when I addressed as a Keynote co-Speaker, an SAP Forum in Slovenia in 2012

🎬 👉

giving my personal “The State of the Mobile Union” speech, which features many thoughts from my blogs. Yeah, it’s probably the only recording with me in a suite 🤪, thankfully!


I hope you enjoyed this wander down the Mobile Memory Lane as much as I have and I’m also happy to talk about Mobile more, as I feel that personally mobile devices are an unchangeable part of our lives, but in the Enterprise we still have a little more to go.