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Former Member

So last week I did something stupid...I forgot my iPad in the flight seat and this was my private iPad not my SAP iPad (which is protected by SAP Afaria).

Ok, no problems I thought, firing up the Apple Find my device app, at the same time I realized that the iPad sits in Airplane setting the device in Lost Mode, Lock or Wipe will not work

Airplane mode means NO communication with the outside world so everything I tried to do with it is still pending.

When I writes this the device has been offline since Thursday last week and it is pretty useless by now since it being blocked on all channels for example the serial is blocked by Police, IMEI through the operator.

MDM is a very good thing but it only works on devices that is Online...

So if you ever travel with Estonian Air please look in the seat pocket in seat 17C :wink: It might still be there...

Take good care of your gadgets...