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Note: Mobideo will present their solution during  SAPPHIRENOW 2013 May 14-16 at DT603.

Mobideo joined the first cycle of the Israeli SFP in August 2012, participated in SAP HANA Bootcamp and enjoyed technical support from SAP Labs architects. The company has integrated its Granular Task Management System & Analytics with SAP HANA, SAP BI (BOBJ on HANA), SAP Visual Intelligence and, now, also SAP Visual Enterprise (former Right Hemisphere).

Mobideo has been chosen to represent the IL SFF Chapter at SAPPHIRE Madrid together with 3 additional startups from Israel and out of 25 from all locations together. Mobideo GA Offering on HANA One has been launched in SAP HANA Marketplace just before the SAPPHIRE Madrid 2012.

Mobideo has a long-term experience with SAP products and full integration with several modules, such as ERP, BW, GRC, BP, BPM, EPM.

Mobideo has joined SAP Cloud Partners program and will display its solution in SAPSTORE.

This company is the first participant of Start Up Focus Program who brought a paying (production) customer to SAP HANA ONE (SAP HANA on Amazon), which is aligned with company's goal to empower HANA eco-system to generate more deals.

Gartner, Inc. named Mobideo as a "Cool Vendor", which is a significant milestone in establishing Mobideo as a key player in the emerging field of "Intelligent Business Operations". With the confluence of mobile, cloud, analytics and big data, Mobideo tackles situational awareness in operations where compliance, processes and people resourcing converge. Mobideo uniquely accomplishes this by capturing transactional activities of people performing tasks at the most "granular" level of activity detail, and using "big data" real-time analytics to determine resourcing, refine best practices and manage by exception.

According to Gartner's Cool Vendors in Energy and Utilities, 2013 report: "IT leaders in asset-centric industries in which field workers perform structured, repeatable physical processes, should examine solutions that provide fine-grained business process management and manage tasks at a detailed level."

Mobideo Platform leverages SAP HANA ONE capabilities to operate huge amounts of data generated by their customers worldwide. One of those is Katz Logistics.

Katz one of the biggest logistics companies in the Middle East. With more than 350 vehicles and 7 regional distribution centers that are based on advanced technologies, the company manages several millions shipments per year for customers from all segments (government, public, industrial and more…)

Few months ago Katz deployed Mobideo product to manage its entire field operations.

Additional layer of SAP HANA One + SAP BI provides real time situational awareness into the status of the field operations. Mobideo + HANA capabilities in the areas of real time analytics and event driven reporting enables Katz’s managers to respond in real time to events that are occurring in the field, to open bottle necks and gain a fully detailed, real time awareness of the status of the operations. These unique capabilities enable Katz to improve their productivity and customer service.

Now – Mobideo, powered by SAP HANA, provides a revolutionary platform for intelligent business operations.  The joint solution provides the most granular level of visibility, compliance and adaptability across the entire lifecycle and amongst all partners of a business process.

Yaron Eppel, Mobideo CEO

"… The most important benefit of SAP HANA for us is the ability to dramatically accelerate real time analytics and business process management. I thought, we up to something important. SAP HANA could enable us to provide brand new functionality to existing customers and drive more business value. Katz Logistics was the natural choice to be among the first adopters of joint Mobideo/SAP HANA Joint offering…"

Mobideo solution is running on Katz's field rugged handled devices equipped with barcode scanners and cameras.  Mobideo provides the real time connectivity to the logistics management systems and easy to consume real time visualized activity status snapshot.

Real-time monitoring capabilities and smart alerts are crucial for effective management of Katz's operations at remote locations.

Mobideo supports those and provides visualizations and dashboards used by managers both to get sneak peek of the big picture and drill down up to status of an each step in a task.

Dror Katz, Katz Logistics CEO:

"…We gather huge amounts of data from the field every second. For us, Business Intelligence is not about yesterdays or last week report, it's about NOW… In our industry' it's hard to attract and retain highly qualified dedicated employees. Our highly advanced mobile applications grant the truck driver sense of pride. They feel they contribute to our service mantra in a visible way. They do not perceive themselves as "blue-collar workers" anymore"

Yaron Eppel, Mobideo CEO

"… By positioning our platform on top of SAP HANA, we enable Katz Logistics gain real time situational awareness of all remote activities, which results in faster task execution, enhanced decision making and faster response to events that occur in the field and directly increases Katz Logistics efficiency and improves customer service…"

Here you can watch Yaron and Dror telling the story: