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This blog describes a functional and practical use of

for one use case - merge data from 2 result sets (fill a structure or append a column).

For today, only a primitive options are possible, but anyway it is a good start...

Use Case 1. Fill an Empty Structure.

The master Result Set looks like:

The slave Result Set looks like:

Selection Options:


  • Column Index in Slave is "2", means that the "Region" will be read out.
  • Multiple Matches is set to "Collect", means that the entry is inserted separated by ,

You have to use the component "UI5Table" for visualization, with following settings:

It means, in this setup, the table is not requesting data source directly, but is taking the shared result set after data mash-up.

Use Case 2. Append a Column from 2nd Result Set.

The master Result Set looks like:

The slave Result Set looks like:

And the result (carefully! the selection is today only on column 0 - so it works only for such simple resultsets)

and, as a result there is a combined result set from 2 data sources.

Examples of used BIAPPs:

org-scn-design-studio-community/applications · GitHub

  • SDK_DATAMIXER_P1 (the first case)
  • SDK_DATAMIXER_P2 (the second case)

This is a start only, next is:

  • extend the selection capabilities to more than one column for APPEND
  • think about right / left joins and unions
  • finalize and describe the rules for conditions

I hope someone of you will be inspired on this direction.