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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Dear SAP Community,

I am part of the SAP HANA Product Management Team, and today I want to explain the feedback functionality in SAP HANA Cloud Central in more detail. The small button in the upper right corner of your screen allows you to let us know what you think.

What if you haven’t heard about SAP HANA Cloud Central at all?

Let me give you an overview of our tool: SAP HANA Cloud Central provides you with an overview of all your accessible SAP HANA Cloud instances. It allows you to centrally create, find, start and stop, edit and delete and check the status of your provisioned instances. You can also view the consumption of memory, computing, and storage. Open your SAP HANA instances directly from the tool in the SAP HANA database explorer and the SAP HANA cockpit. SAP HANA Cloud, data lake instances can be opened in the SAP HANA database explorer from here.

Are you curious about SAP HANA Cloud Central? Learn more about it in these 2 blog posts.

Also, feel free to reach out if you have any questions. My colleagues and I are more than happy to help!


Why are we collecting feedback?

But let’s start at the beginning. You may wonder why we started this initiative? As product management, we are eager to increase the market acceptance of our product, the SAP HANA database, through delivering the best value to our customers. We are therefore striving to create the best possible experience with our database products in the market. Cross-team collaboration with Product Development, Solution Management, Marketing, and other departments helps us to ensure sustainable customer success. Market research, close customer contact and collaboration with internal and external stakeholders, and a holistic understanding of the benefits the product offers, help to outline a long-term strategy and roadmap. This is where the collection of feedback becomes relevant to us.

You can see we truly want to understand your point of view. How could this be easier than via listening to you directly? We know there are different personas using SAP HANA Cloud Central in different ways. We are interested in your use case. What is working out for you? What functionalities do you enjoy the most? Where are your pain points when using our product? We truly believe that there is no one that could answer these questions better than you as our SAP HANA Cloud Central users!

Experience Survey in SAP HANA Cloud Central.


The feedback button


Feedback Button SAP HANA Cloud Central.

Enough introductory words, let’s dive a bit deeper into the feedback button itself. Integrated in the user interface of SAP HANA Cloud Central, the small button in the upper right corner of your screen allows you to give us feedback directly. And directly means directly: We, the PM team have created the survey using and are therefore receiving the results right away: unfiltered, unbiased, untainted, no matter if positive or negative.

Let’s try something: If you are giving feedback because you have learned about the possibility here in this blog post. Add #SAPCommunity to your open text feedback to let us know you are coming out of the SAP Community.

Looking at the survey’s structure, we can see that it is rather brief. Overall, our survey consists of only four questions. We are starting with a question on your overall satisfaction (very unsatisfied — very satisfied) with SAP HANA Cloud Central. This helps us to learn more about general satisfaction with the tool. It also allows us to directly see if there are significant opportunities for improvement of the tool overall. The first general question is followed by a question on the usefulness of SAP HANA Cloud Central and another question on the ease of use of our tool. Using these two questions, we want to learn if the tool itself is appreciated and if using it is comfortable. Finally, we are giving you the opportunity to explicitly let us know what you like and/or don’t like about SAP HANA Cloud Central. Is there something missing we should think about incorporating? Are some functions not working as you expect them to? Are you excited about something specifically? Let us know! We would love to have the ability to read our customers’ minds but unfortunately, we are not able, yet 😉 This is your chance to actively shape the future of SAP HANA Cloud Central.


More information

Find our initial announcement in this blog post.

The feedback button is also available on trial and free tier landscapes. So, if you have not heard of the SAP HANA Cloud trial before, you might want to check out this page. There is a free trial of SAP HANA Cloud for 30 days, which can be renewed for up to one year!

Are you already using SAP HANA Cloud Central on a productive landscape and there are also features missing? Use our customer influence portal page for SAP databases to submit an improvement request.

If you want to learn more SAP HANA and SAP HANA Cloud, you should check out our SAP Community page for SAP HANA on premises and cloud databases.

Are you looking for more hands-on experience? Check out the SAP HANA Cloud Tutorials.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to comment below this blog post, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.



Susen (on behalf of the SAP HANA Product Management team)