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In the previous blog posts, we have introduced SAP Analytics Cloud as the replacement tool for SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards, and have also taken a High-Tech Industry use case as one of migration examples. This time we are going to guide you through another migration example in Healthcare Industry. In this blog post, we have used SAP Analytics Cloud Analytics Designer as the main tool.


Use Case Explanation

This Healthcare use case is measuring hospital outcomes with a holistic view of health network and actionable items in consequence to identify areas where Hospital gives more value to Patients.

By leveraging SAP Analytics Cloud Analytics Designer, healthcare companies can better manage their operational performance, reduce errors to reach and their business objectives

The Home page clearly classifies all relevant topics that Hospital managers care about. It contains Overview, Finance, Operation Management, Work Force and Patient Management.


Topic 1: Hospital Overview

The original Dashboards report shows general statistics among three different hospitals. Users could easily click hospital pictures to change to another hospitals information.

The same scenario has been built using SAP Analytics Cloud Analytics Designer. Please check the video below.



Topic 2: Finance Management

In Finance Management section, it covers general financial KPIs, Aging reporting and Billing Scorecard. There are also thresholds reminding users the performance status.

In SAP Analytics Cloud Analytics Designer, we have showed how these sub-topics can be illustrated in a flexible and user-friendly way.



Topic 3: Operation Management

Operating Management dashboard displays hospitals' operating statistics, including various KPIs such as Admission from Clinic, bed usage, Inpatient DRGs, etc.

Similarly in SAP Analytics Cloud Analytics Designer, we have dragged same KPIs as video below.



Topic 4: Workforce Management

Workforce Management is also important for the hospital management. In this section, the Dashboard displays personal productivity, working expenses, and RH Life Cycle. User could filter into different departments and working classes.

Alternatively, in SAP Analytics Cloud, we could also observe similar information.


Topic 5: Patient Management

In Patient Management, user could review admissions trends, discharges trends, etc by month. Also the YoY comparison can be showed in gauge chart.

In SAP Analytics Cloud Analytics Designer, the rebuilt scenario also fulfill the similar case.


This use case have showed SAP Analytics Cloud Analytics Designer could fully cover the same use case and BI requirements in this typical healthcare industry scenario. In addition, SAP Analytics Cloud Analytics Designer could also provide more flexibility and possibilities since it allows free scripting and enables various custom widgets and APIs for customization usage. For knowing more information about SAP Analytics Cloud Analytics Designer, please refer here.