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Steps for Migration of HANA on HANA One Rev 70.0 or Rev 80.0 to Rev 91.x

1. Validate you source HANA One Versions. The scope of this migration is for the following two HANA One Versions.

2. Backup Source Data from HANA One – Backup and Recovery Console.

  • Navigate to Backup and Recovery Page.
  • Take Backup; provide necessary credentials.
  • Please make sure you record / retain password for SYSTEM user for this HANA Version.

3.Note the location of the backup as per screenshot below /backup/HDB/data/hdb.....

  • Navigate to Backup Location- note the exact directory location as captured in your UI
  • These backup files COM* will be transferred to the New HANA One Server once configured.

4. Install and Configure new HANA One Rev 91 Server.

5. Install the necessary Addons as per screenshot below. Validate their successful installation.

6. On the Target HANA One Server (Rev 91.X), navigate to Backup and Recovery Page. Take a backup.

7. On the Target HANA One Server (Rev 91.X), navigate via ssh to the backup location.

  • Create a temporary directory originalbackup.
  • Move the COM*  backup files into this location.

8. Transfer Source Backup Files to this HANA One Server and set appropriate permissions below.

  • Copy via SCP SOURCE Rev 70 /80 COM* backup files to this location.
  • Change ownership of the COM* files to be 'hdbadm:sapsys'.
  • Validate  ‘hdbadm:sapsys’ is owner to these COM* backup files as per screenshot below.

9. Navigate to Backup and Restore Page

  • Recovery the HANA Database
  • Provide the System Password for the new HANA One 91.X

10. Navigate to Addons Page and Install HANA License 5.0.

  • Install HANA License 5.0


  • When asked for Inputs, provide original SYSTEM Password from the Source HANA Rev 70/80

11.  Validate Successful Installation for HANA License.

12.  Congratulations, you are now upgraded !