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Explorer's end of life is fast approaching. To help you transition to SAP Analytics Cloud, SAP provides a reporting solution. The solution can be found in the SAP Note 2885216. In this blog post, I would like to present you the solution.

Where to Start your SAP Analytics Cloud journey from SAP BusinessObjects Explorer?

As a BI platform administrator, you need to have a global overview of all the Explorer reports (Information Spaces + Exploration View Sets) present in your CMS repository. You also need to understand the usage of each Explorer report. Based on this information, you will be able to migrate your Explorer reports to SAP Analytics Cloud by adopting the following methodology.

With regard to the 3rd stage(replicate SAP BO Explorer Information Spaces in SAP Analytics Could) you can have a look at this blog post

How to identify most used Explorer reports ?

The new solution I have developed will help you identify which reports are the most used and who uses them.

I’m looking for feedback on any defects, performance issues and also additional reporting/business requirements. If you can get back to me with your feedback I can improve the content for everyone else to benefit

You can find the solution in the SAP Note 288521

Inside you will find:

  • A new CMS Explorer data access driver

  • A LCMBIAR file containing a universe + a Web Intelligence document

  • A pdf explaining how to deploy the solution


  • BI Platform BI 4.2Support Pack 4 or greater


  • You need to have the “BI Platform CMS database.unx” deployed on your BOE Platform (SAP Note 2399962)

  • You need to have the “BI Platform Audit Analysis.unx” deployed on your BOE Platform (see SAP Note 2793147)


For detailed information on the deployment of the solution please refer to the  BI_4.2_Explorer_Sample.pdf document attached in the SAP Note

  • Install the CMS Explorer data acces driver

  • Import the LCMBIAR into your system using Promotion Management (it will go into "Public Folders/BI on BI/BI Repository Analysis/ Web Intelligence Samples" folder)

  • Open the Web Intelligence document ‘BI on BI - Explorer.wid’ as your starting point!

The Web Intelligence document contains 6 reports

  • Board (Number of Information Spaces, Number of eViews, Number of users)

  • Information Spaces (List of Information Spaces)

  • Information Spaces Details (Detailed information on the Information Space)

  • Exploration Views Sets (List of eViews)

  • Exploration Views Sets Details (Detailed information on eViews)

  • Audit (Number of views for IS and eViews)


The first 5 reports of the Web Intelligence document are based on a universe which allows you to retrieve information regarding the Explorer Information Spaces and the Exploration View Sets. It’s a linked universe composed of:

  • The core universe: BI platform CMS system database.unx

  • The linked universe BIonBI-Explorer.unx containing the 2 Explorer specific classes


Please post your feedback here and I will do my best to comment back as soon as possible.