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Developer Advocate
Developer Advocate
If you are a software developer today and you are looking for information about how to use a company’s new product, you know to look for that Company’s “Developer” web site for more information, like

But how does it work from the inside? And how can it scale well in an organization as large as SAP?

For 2020 and beyond, we created the SAP Product Advocate Academy to do just that. This Academy is a six-month internal Fellowship. The fellowship is designed to train aspiring Advocates on the discipline of Developer Relations and how we do it here at SAP. Fellows spend their term embedded in the core Developer Advocates team and learn to create new developer content for their product while interacting with the Community. Each Fellow is assigned a full-time Advocate “Buddy” to help focus in their product area. is one of the Fellows on the program right now, and you might have seen her in our SAP Developers News episodes already. I have the privilege to be her "Buddy" on the program. It will be nice for our broader community to get to know Pek Gnee as well, so here are a few questions I asked her to answer.

Please introduce yourself

My name is Pek Gnee, working with the SAP AI Business Services team in Singapore.

I come from an Electrical & Electronic Engineering background, but the interest has always been to use algorithms and technology to solve problems.

What is your team working on and what is your role in it?

The team in Singapore works on a number of services and applications that can be used to automate and optimize corporate processes.

I was the scrum master for Service Ticket Intelligence, which is a machine-learning service used primarily to classify service tickets to user-specified categories, and it can also recommend similar tickets.

We started out working internally with SAP Cloud for Customer, beginning from co-innovation with customers and today we also have a number of customers using Service Ticket Intelligence directly with their own IT or CRM system.

Currently, I’m on fellowship with Developer Relations and looking to share more content of our products with the SAP Community and developer audience.

How did you get into ML/AI?

Before working on the topic of ML/AI, the team in Singapore was part of the SAP Innovation Centre Network, focusing on the topic of Smart Cities at that time.

Eventually, we embarked on creating the Machine Learning Foundation and the first ML use-cases in SAP, built on top of SAP Cloud Platform.

While our products & naming have evolved through the years, I’m definitely enjoying the journey and the spectrum of activities in bringing the service to customers.

What are the technologies you are working mostly with?

For ML we’re using Python mostly, and our services are built on top of SAP Cloud Platform.

We also make use of some internal re-use libraries and foundation services.

What do you do to stay current with your ML skills?

We’re lucky to have quite a vibrant scene here in Singapore for ML – in terms of in-person (before the pandemic) and online meetups.

In the last years, there has been much funding support from the government to promote courses in this area, which I was able to take advantage of.

Within SAP I’m following a few groups that feature ML topics to get the latest news & discussions.

Thank you, Pek Gnee! We are glad to have you onboard and are looking forward to your further contribution.