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Have you ever wondered whether you’re using SAP Signavio Process Insights to its full potential? Are you new to the solution? Or have you come across a process flow that you didn’t quite know what it’s for and how you should start your analysis? Or maybe you were looking at a process flow and wanted to increase your automation rates or reduce late payments but just didn’t know how best to approach this? Then you should definitely have a look at the Guided Analysis information available in SAP Signavio Process Insights!

What is Guided Analysis?

Guided Analysis is the in-depth documentation of process knowledge surrounding the business content delivered with SAP Signavio Process Insights. For each process flow with Guided Analysis, improvement opportunities are identified together with guidance on how to best analyze them. The opportunities outlined are the main opportunities considered relevant for most customers based on experience. You’ll get suggestions on what to focus on, such as which filters are most meaningful to apply and which boxes you should analyze first to gain fast and valuable insights into your data. Supporting screenshots are included so you don’t get lost.

Additionally, you’ll find detailed technical information about which tables and fields are considered for the calculation. And finally, as the available content is intertwined and your analysis shouldn’t end with the process flow you are looking at, you’ll also get information on other relevant process flows, standard performance indicators, and correction recommendations related to the current process flow. Take a look at the related content to enhance your analysis, discover more opportunities to improve, and learn how to put them into practice with the help of the correction recommendations.

Guided analyses all follow the same structure. You can see what this looks like for the process flow “Purchase requisition item creation to purchase order item creation” in the following screenshot.

Guided Analysis - overview of chapters

How to access Guided Analysis?

Guided Analysis is part of the Reference Guide for Business Content in SAP Signavio Process Insights, which you can only access directly from your SAP Signavio Process Insights tenant. Every process flow and standard performance indicator has a link to the Reference Guide where you can find general information, such as the data records extracted, the reference periods or the assignments to end-to-end processes, and so on.

If Guided Analysis is also available for a process flow, this is indicated by the link text “Reference Guide with Guided Analysis”, as shown in the screenshot below.

Example of link to Reference Guide with Guided Analysis

Stay tuned and watch out for more guided analyses to come!

New guided analyses are published with each release of SAP Signavio Process Insights. 30 process flows are already covered. Guided Analysis is also planned for standard performance indicators and will be available in the coming months!

For more information about how to get started with SAP Signavio Process Insights, check out this blog post from Sarah Roessler.

Update: Check out the e-learning on Guided Analysis with SAP Signavio Process Insights

We've recently published an e-learning that shows detailed insights on how to best work with the information provided within guided analyses. It's part of the course Designing Business Processes with SAP Signavio Solutions.

Also, find out how to use SAP Signavio within your daily business, set up your workspace, and learn some best practices by exploring SAP’s free learning content on SAP Signavio solutions. SAP Signavio is designed to empower you to actively engage in improving processes to drive efficiency and customer excellence. Check out even more role-based learning resources and opportunities to get certified in one place on SAP Learning site.