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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Dear folks,

you usually introduce yourself before you have something to say. So... Here I am, but who am I? Since hardly anyone knows me yet and I still have a creative blockade, I thought to myself: interview yourself.

Interviewer: Could you please introduce yourself?

Maximilian: Hola! Streifeneder, Maximilian Streifeneder. 26 years old. I live in the northernmost city of Italy, in Munich. I joined SAP in 2015 and I'm a developer Evangelist since the beginning of May this year.

So, Maximilian..

Oh wait! If I should treat you like my mum, call me Maximilian. Otherwise please only Max.

Any trademarks?

I suspect my affinity with irony and sarcasm.

So, Max! An Evangelist?

Admittedly, when I first read about the position, I had to google the title first. Without making big speeches: Basically, it is to share my enthusiasm for software development with you.


Okay, I guess you have done some software development before? 

Haha, good guess. I started as a Java developer in 2009 and took a lot with me within four years: Starting with COBOL, z/OS (mainframe development in general), JMS, Spring, Hibernate up to Struts and of course Java EE - everything that was more or less modern (hope you're getting my sarcasm) in Java development at that time 😉

Now that we are in 2018 - what happened in the meantime? 

A lot! Germany became football world champion...okay, bad time for jokes. After my time with Java I started with ABAP development at customers (for SAP BW-IP) and had the chance to get to know SAP BW. And since I could build up more know-how from project to project (from my point of view), working on the system became less and less - working in MS Word and PowerPoint more and more.

How were the first weeks as an evangelist?

Quite a change. Until now I was used to direct customer contact. Now we are talking about who we want to reach, but we can no longer talk about the actual "customer". Very interesting! Then of course I got to know all the other colleagues from "Developer Relations" and especially our Evangelists. Very inspiring! How they work, where their focus lies, how they are linked. Greetings go out to Dj, who always supports me with tips and advices and ultimately motivated me for this blog! Cheers .

I created a Twitter account after I haven't really dealt with it for the last few years. And I'm surprised: How much information I get via Twitter that I might not have got without Twitter. For those of you I made curious:

What are you currently enthusiastic about when it comes to software development?

Node.js! I'm an absolute fan of node. If I only look at how many modules there are now for it - very impressive. I hope I can do even more with it, if time allows. Just as interesting is the topic Internet of Things, where I am building an SAP showcase with the MakerSpace Munich ( Hopefully I can share some insights with you within the next couple of weeks! And privately I would also like to build more with IoT, let's see when the time allows.

What about your sparetime?

In summer I mainly play tennis or try to pretend to play tennis. The most unusual team, the men's team of TC Oberaudorf, is not only about tennis. Accordingly we ended the season - the descent was prevented by a hair's breadth 🙂 I also try to climb as many different mountains around me as possibly, alone or just with friends. Only a few weeks ago I had climbed my first 3000m peak.

And winter is coding time? 

Haha, maybe! For a long time I worked as a ski instructor and ski trainer in winter, but that doesn't appeal to me anymore. When I go skiing four to five times a season, it's already a lot. Rather, I use the time to improve my physical condition for the summer or to do things for which there is usually no time in the summer. Somehow I am also quite happy if I can avoid as many cold days as possible and be somewhere on vacation. My two-month stay in Thailand and Laos last winter has convinced me that this is a viable way and would also make sense in the future 🙂

Back to your blog title: What do you want to tell us? 

Not much. I just want to blog every now and then about what I do and what my week was like. Especially on my way back to software development there are some exciting things that can be interesting for you. Whether discovered or self-written tutorials, tips & tricks or code snippet and things like that. And of course based on "Alice Adventure in Wonderland". Since my focus will be on SCP (SAP Cloud Platform), this title was born.

Short questions, Short answer game at the end. ABAP?




Your time as a consultant?

Exciting, met a bunch of cool and skilled folks.

Anything else we got to know about you?

Borussia Dortmund and 1860 München when it comes to soccer. Alex Zverev when it comes to tennis. Bode Miller when it comes to skiing.


Stay tuned and have a good week!