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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
In this blog post I want to briefly give you an introduction into my live streaming series of "Max's Adventure in SAP Cloud Platform", but also give you an overview and a central location for already posted content and upcoming content.

This post has multiple sections – here are quick links to them all: Background | Live streaming | How to watch | replays | Schedule


I started live streaming on my YouTube channel at the end of 2019 and there's a potential risk that you ask yourself: "Why is he doing that?". And I give you one simple reason for: There's nothing as enjoyable as seeing somebody coding and building stuff live. You will eventually find things you are doing better or worse than the one streaming live (in this case: me). Or even find little hacks or tools which may be useful for you too.

Live streaming/live coding will never be a substitution for tutorials, for instance on, at all. Clicking and following through a tutorial is awesome and timeless - no doubts. But somebody already put quite a lot of effort in setting up a tutorial and thinking about how to give you a straight forward path to a solution. And that's good as it is.

BUT there is also a decent portion of other things worth to know which you don't learn through tutorials or blog posts. How do you analyze an error? How do you debug a piece of code?  Which tools / plugins / shortcuts could you use to accelerate development tasks. And so much more. It won't be as smooth as one as a single tutorial - on purpose.

I highly recommend to attend at least one of my sessions or watch the replays to get a feeling of what I just described.

Live Streaming

It shouldn't be yet another well-polished format where everything works out perfectly fine. I'll come up with a rough idea what WE are trying to do in an hour of coding, for example with the SAP Cloud Application Programming (CAP) Model and its Java flavour. I'll definitely fail or stumble over some (minor/major) issues, where either you are able to contribute via the YouTube live chat to fix the issue or otherwise learn from me/or other viewers how to solve the puzzle.

How to watch

You want to join a livestream? It's just a couple of clicks away. Subscribe to my channel and hit the big notification bell too to get informed when I upload something to my channel. Also, simply click on "Set Reminder" to get a YouTube notification and/or mail (depending on your settings) when I'm going live.

YouTube Channel


If you haven't been able to join one of the livestreams, don't sweat it. The unedited (no polishing, no fancy cuts) replays will automatically be posted on my channel! Replays in a YouTube Playlist: Link


Ep. Date Title & description Recording
0 Thursday
21 Dec 2019

Ep.0 – Getting our feet wet

My first livestream ever! Bring a coffee / tea and we will have a look at how to get started with CAP and its Java flavour.
Watch Replay on YouTube
1 Thursday
16 Jan 2020
In the first livestream I have shown how to set up a basic CAP Java project skeleton. We will continue the journey in this episode and enhance the initially created project skeleton and have a look at custom logic written in Java using Visual Studio Code. We run and test the enhanced application logic locally against SQLite and SAP HANA. Watch replay on YouTube
2 Thursday
20 Feb 2020
In the last episode we have developed a very basic CAP Java application. Let us have a look at some more advanced interactions with the database and how we can deploy these things to SAP Cloud Platform using MTA or manifest deployments. Watch replay on YouTube
3 Thursday
12 Mar 2020
In the last episode we had a look at our recently enhanced CAP Java application with some slightly advanced activities like database operations and we started to have a look at deployment options. We will take a look at MTAs, the CF CLI and make our project a little more sophisticated. As usual, depending on how far we get 😉 Watch replay on YouTube
4 Thursday
2 April 2020
As we have already been playing around with the basic setup of a CAP Java application quite some time (by far not enough), let's continue our journey with Logging and Monitoring with the ELK Stack(Elastics, Logstash, Kibana). Watch replay on YouTube
5 Thursday
9 April 2020
Holger Bruchelt (Microsoft, former SAP employee) and I are working on samples, talks and reference architectures for SAP & Microsoft related scenarios for quite some time. I'll bring him to my livestream and we'll have a chat about certain scenarios, show some apps and discuss ways to get started! Watch replay on YouTube
6 Thursday
23 April 2020
We had a chat with a colleague of mine, Marius Obert, about his recent development activities during this crisis. He has been one of the main contributors for an app provided by SAP to help US students to find resources/food provider close to them. Join us for an insightful conversation and definitely interesting lines of code across SAP Cloud Platform, UI5, CAP, HANA, Security, etc. Watch replay on YouTube
7 Thursday
30 April 2020
In this episode we will wear a different hat and will listen a story from a perspective of the data guy. Vitaliy Rudnytskiy will join us to talk about SAP HANA in SAP Cloud Platform Trial Watch replay on YouTube
8 Wednesday
6 May 2020
In this episode we will recap what we've done in the previous episode and then let's continue experimenting with HANA and SAP Cloud Platform trial - for fun and profit. Watch replay on YouTube
9 Thursday
7 May 2020
The big advantage of the cloud is the ability to scale all kinds of artifacts on demand or even automatically, right? How does that work for Cloud Foundry apps on SAP Cloud Platform? Join me for a short and fun exploration of how you can scale your Cloud Foundry apps as needed. Watch replay on YouTube
10 Thursday
21 May 2020
Getting started with the SAP Cloud SDK for Java Watch replay on YouTube
11 Tuesday
26 May 2020

Dries van Vaerenbergh is a SAP Developer Consultant for Flexso Digital and has recently written an excellent series of blog posts about SAP Cloud Platform Enterprise Messaging, WebSockets, WebHooks and all sort of exciting techniques for extending SAP processes. Blog Posts:

I have invited him to talk about the details, see some demos and obviously: have a fun conversation!
Watch replay on YouTube
12 Thursday
28 May 2020
Episode 10 was all about covering the basics of using the destination service with the SAP Cloud SDK and calling the SAP Cloud Platform Workflow Service API. We'll continue our journey and have a look at other capabilities, like the OData Generators. Watch replay on YouTube



My schedule

I stream regularly once a month on a Thursday. It’s a one hour slot. To give almost everybody a chance, I'll be streaming on my mornings.

That means the main monthly stream schedule looks like this going east around the globe:
The regular Thursday slot starting at 0900 CET (Berlin):

Start time Time Zone Example City
0800 BST Manchester
0900 CEST Walldorf
1230 IST Bengaluru
1700 AEST Sydney

Next live stream: Thursday, 11 June 2020
(Activate "Set Reminder" to get a notifcation once I start streaming)