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Hello Colleagues,

Today we are going to talk about how to find the right match (if there are) whenever you are trying to figure which Fiori apps are there now, and how to run your business processes, as you normally do using SAP GUI transactions, but with Fiori apps.

I believe it's quite normal to be a little bit uncomfortable the first time we are facing Fiori apps, as in some cases we will see similar screens to the ones we are used to use in SAP GUI, but sometimes it could be quite challenging to get familiar with the new layout offered by the Fiori apps.

But even if we are not afraid of using Fiori apps, or we already have some Fiori experience, something that could be also tricky, is to find exactly with Fiori apps are now available, and how to find the right Fiori app, for a given SAP GUI transaction. If we have 2 or 3 SAP GUI transactions that we want to match with Fiori apps, is not really a time consuming process to go ahead into the SAP Fiori apps reference library and search for those apps. But what do you do, when you have a list of transactions that you need to find?. Sure, you can go one by one, but I will tell you another way (a quicker one) to do it

First of all, we need to have a plain text (single column) document with the list of all SAP GUI transactions we are trying to match to Fiori apps. For this example, I will try to find the correspondent Fiori apps for a few classic SAP GUI transactions in the area of Finances, so I'm creating a .CSV file with my SAP GUI transactions. It will look like this:


Now, we are going to go to the SAP Fiori apps reference library and select the "Get SAP Fiori App Recommendations" button.


You will see now a new screen on which you will have a few steps to follow:

Step 1 - Create (or display in case you have already done it) a new analysis


Step 2 - Select a usage profile for a recommendation of relevant SAP Fiori apps

Here, basically you are going to create a profile (your profile) on which you are going to be able to run the Fiori app recommendations for your SAP GUI transactions, by uploading the .CSV file we created in the beginning of the blog

For this case, I'm going start from scratch and create a new profile

To create a new profile, we will need to select a name for the profile (I will use "FindMyFioris"), and we will need to upload the .CSV (you can also add some notes if needed, but this is totally optional)

Note: Be careful about the special characters when naming your .CSV file

If everything is correct, you will have a confirmation message


Step 3 -Select system profiles to check your system readiness

In this step, we need to provide information regarding the product on which we are running the analysis (SAP S/4HANA, SAP S/4HANA Cloud, SAP Business Suite or SAP Business Suite - Lower back-ends versions). For this case, I will run the analysis for SAP S/4HANA Cloud). This information is mandatory, but there are other fields you could fill (Front and Back end System Profile and HANA System Profile). I will leave those fields empty


Step 4 - Name your analysis

As the title says, here you need to provide a name to your analysis run, and a description (this one is useful in case you need to check more than once for the Fiori app - SAP GUI mapping)

Finally, you need to select the button "Get SAP Fiori App Recommendations"


And that's it! you have now a complete analysis to be able to match your SAP GUI transactions to the available Fiori apps. In this report, you are able to add/remove columns from the page layout (such as Screenshots from the Fiori apps, O-Data service(s) used by the Fiori app, etc).

Note: to make your lives even easier, I suggest you to add the columns "Transaction". That way you will have in the same screen, the Fiori app ID, and the SAP GUI transaction

As a final comment from my side, this analysis shows you the match between Fiori apps and SAP GUI transactions, but could also show (among many other things) you the relevance of the Fiori app (valuated from 1 to 3) because this app may be linked to other ones which are part of the same business process. Also, it could be the case that there Transaction column value is empty, and this could mean that the Fiori app does not have a match to a SAP GUI transaction, as this is a new functionality available only for Fiori apps.

Hope this blog is useful for all of you! and if you have any feedback or thoughts you want to share, please feel free to add them!

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