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Here is all March 2013 community buzz in the Process Orchestration, PI & SOA Middleware, B2B Integration, Business Process Management and Business Rules Management spaces.

Special thanks to all first time contributors!

Moderators’ picks

Generate a Migration Report to estimate the migration effort from PI dual-stack to AEX

Migration from PI dual-stack to single-stack (java-only) can be a daunting task. In this article presents a java client program (read only) to be used to browse through all the configurations in the Integration Directory and produce a report helpful for the preliminary assessment of the migration task in your landscape.

You must try this! Test Drive SAP Operational Process Intelligence powered by SAP HANA

Get your hands on #SAPOPInt SAP Operational Process Intelligence powered by SAP HANA with the test drive we have created for you. Find out more in harshavardhan.jegadeesan’s blog. Enjoy! Also featured in the Business Process News @ SCN, 12 March.

Tame BIG Processes with SAP Operational Process Intelligence, powered by SAP HANA - Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3

In this 3 part series harshavardhan.jegadeesan walks you through BIG processes, the challenges they bring and how SAP Operational Process Intelligence, powered by SAP HANA (#SAPOPInt) helps business to overcome them. Find out more about #SAPOPInt and connect with us here.

Featured in the Business Process News @ SCN, 26 March and Technology News @ SCN, 3 April.

What is new in SP6 of SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration 7.31

alexander.bundschuh and christian.loos highlight the multiple new features and enhancements for Business Process Management, Process Integration and Orchestration scenarios. See how integration between SAP NetWeaver PI and BPM has been tightened further. Also featured in the Business Process News @ SCN, 9 April

Last call ASUG members! Join Monday webcast on Process Intelligence - first steps

If you've used SAP Business Workflow, SAP NetWeaver BPM or Process Observer, with this session alan.rickayzen will show you how you can reap the benefits with SAP Operational Process Intelligence built on SAP HANA.

Simple usecases with SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration B2B Add-on

vikassingh.rajpurohit is providing usecases and configuration options of OFTP; SFTP and PGP; AS2 and EDI Separator; Modules and X400 adapter available with the SAP B2B Add-on. Also check the SAP B2B resource center and the SAP Secure connectivity resource center for more useful content.

cbs PI MeMo App for MobiIe Message Monitoring

In this article denny.schreber introduces a PI MeMo app for iPhone – an easy to use tool for monitoring SAP NetWeaver PI messages anytime and everywhere. The app is freely available in the Apple App Store.

Meet the Speaker - Alan Rickayzen

susan.keohan, a SAP Mentor and SCN Moderator has started a wonderful initiative. In a blog series she will help introduce you to some of the speakers you will meet at the ASUG Annual Conference this year. Read on!

Process Integration (PI 7.31) Handbook

Submitted by agasthuri.doss

Blogs and articles

Stateless Enterprise Integration Patterns on SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration

by alexander.bundschuh

Sometimes you just need a KBA

by susan.keohan

Boost your Correlation Scenarios with Conditional Start

Conditional Start: Introduction (1/7)

by joachim.meyer

Conditional Start: Typical Examples (2/7)

by dominik.ullrich

Effective Ways of Using Intermediate Timer with Human Task in BPM

by srinivas.karri

Workflow Recipe for Passionate Starters - Part III (Spice up!!) and Part IV


PI Alerting on AAE/AEX

by tihomir.stoyanov

PGP and SFTP : FAQ Sheet

by shabarish.vijayakumar

Michal's PO/PI tips: Audit Logs from a native WS - new feature

Michal's PO/PI quick tip: How to test an HTTP destination from PO/PI's server

Michal's PO/PI tips: Sending custom proxy messages from CRM middleware using a site of type XI

by michal.krawczyk2

SAP PI Integration with SBN/Crossgate

by jayaprakash.kavuri3

Idoc Adapter basic information

RFC Adapter basic settings Information

by chinnanagaseshu.yaramala

Writeup for problem solving in PI

SAP PI Outage Procedure

PI Application Support Daily Checklist

by harisuseelan

Schedule Sender Communication Channel

by pr11061983

Hidden Tools in SAP XI/PI - Part II

by praveen.gujjeti

JDBC/RFC lookup - single vs multiple lookups

by tobias.bernecker

Executing stored procedure from Sender adapter in SAP PI 7.1

by venkat.nimmagadda

Hacking: To get error from the PI Mapping realtime

by daniel.graversen

SOAP 1.2 + WS-Addressing on PI 7.11

by simone.pantaleoni

Write Java Mapping directly in ESR!

by sunil.chandra

PI JDBC Sender adapter - Some Learnings

by saravanakumar.kuppusamy2

Client/Server Cert Authentication in SFTP Adapter - No  ssh fingerprint required

by tedman.lee

Axis Adapter Sender Comm Channel with usernameToken

by ranjeet.singh2

How to Configure Agent as Configurable Parameter in PI ccBPM

by roberto.viana

Certificate and Troubleshooting - Guide for Seeburger - AS2 - Adapter

by stefan.hilpp

Insert value from Request message to Response message using GetPayloadValueBean and PutPayloadValueB...

by beena.thekdi

Resolving Connection Issue in Seeburger Workbench Mapping Variables

by saiyog.gonsalves

XPI Inspector

by amarnath.kashinath

Building a Custom Lookup Service for cross referencing table in PI 7.3.1 Single Stack

by aditya.adepu

Request/Response Bean for IDOC_AAE adapter

by seenu.v

Step by step Use of FCC,RD based on file name, CP in RD, ASMA, Dyanamic configuration, and StrictXML...

by gagandeep.batra

Placing file in two different directories using single receiver communication Channel

by seenu.v

Process Integration 7.11 SOAP, SSL and Payload D/Encryption using SOAPUI

by mayur.patel6

Here is the February Spotlight: SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration PI | B2B | BPM | BRM