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SAP Cloud Integration's WebUI based tooling validates your integration flow every time you open, save or deploy it. The validation results are shown as error or warning icons on the respective adapter or flow step. This marking of error and warning on the diagram is really helpful and gives you an opportunity to identify the issue and fix them to continue modelling your scenario in the right way.

To figure out the details of the error or warning, you need to hover your mouse pointer over the error or warning icon in the diagram model of your integration flow, which shows the error or warning message as a tooltip. But showing errors or warning message via tooltip is not always helpful, since they go off as soon as you move away from the icon and if there are multiple issues with the same component, it becomes cluttered and unreadable.

In order to provide you a better way to work on the issues present in your integration flow, we have introduced the "Problems" view.


"Problems" View

"Problems" view provides you a consolidated list of all errors and warnings present in your integration flow. There are two categories of issues that are listed:

  • Configuration issues of adapter, flow step, integration process, local integration process or integration flow configuration

  • Resource specific issues like errors in mapping file etc.

Here in this view, you can find detailed description of the error or warning along with its location. The location column shows the name of the component with its ID in square brackets [ ] or resource name.


Image 1: "Problems" view


You can also sort or filter these issues based on Severity, Description or Location. The Location column provides a hyperlink to navigate to the respective component's configuration where the particular issue occurred.


Image 2: Sort & filter issues



Problems view allows you a consolidated view of all issues and enables you to solve them one by one by allowing you to navigate to the specific component or open the resource in its respective editor.
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