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SAP TechEd 2012 session ALM268 introduces Job Scheduling Management on SAP Solution Manager and SAP Central Process Scheduling (CPS) by Redwood. SAP Solution Manager’s Business Process Operations (BPO), application area Job Scheduling Management (JSM), provides content which you can use with limited setup, configuration, and customizing effort.

In general, Job Scheduling Management on SAP Solution Manager provides a couple of standard applications or scenarios, which implement typical use cases around Job Management, esp. Job Scheduling Management.

  • Job Request Management
  • Job Documentation
  • Job Scheduling (via SAP CPS by Redwood)
  • Job Monitoring
  • Job Reporting

These applications are available as standard content and ready to be configured. SAP job Scheduling Management provides access to tools and procedures in an own SAP Solution Manager workcenter Job Management, which supports the complete job management process as schematically outlined in figure 1.

Figure 1: Job Management Process and Integration

SAP TechEd 2012 session ALM268 will outline how to use the Job Scheduling Management Health Check to identify improvement potential with respect to jobs scheduled and executed in a managed SAP system. An assumed power user will request a job for the managed SAP system via Job Request, which is processed in the Operations center via SAP IT Service Management/Incident Management. An assumed member of the Operations team assesses the Job Request, creates the Job Documentation as follow-up document, configures Job Monitoring, and maintains the Job Schedule. This entire process is supported in and by the aforementioned SAP Solution Manager workcenter Job Management.

The job is finally scheduled in the managed SAP system by an SAP CPS by Redwood system, which is connected to SAP Solution Manager system providing an integrated job management solution. Following this process, the audience is introduced the building blocks of SAP’s Job Scheduling Management solution, which is a cornerstone of efficient and effective Business process Operations, and a step towards running SAP like a factory. Figure 2 visualizes the building blocks supporting an integrated flow of actions and documents. Exercises will be offered which deepen the understanding and provide an impression of the look and feel of Job Scheduling Management. 

Session ALM268 focuses on Job Reporting, Job Scheduling, and Job Monitoring, and complements further lectures and sessions with topic area application lifecycle management as well as technical operations and business process operations.

Figure 2: Job Management Supporting Integrated Scenarios

What is in it for you?

Job Scheduling Management helps to address a number of common challenges or pain points:

  • Unenforced process governance, i.e. missing Job Governance via Job Request Management. A standardized process to schedule new jobs or change existing jobs channels job requests to a central governing entity rather than letting end users schedule directly w/o having the overall job schedule, naming conventions, monitoring activation in mind.
  • Missing visibility, i.e. missing, incomplete, or outdated Job Documentation. Without up-to-date documentation, there is no overview about which background operations are running in managed systems of the system landscape.
  • Inefficient resource utilization, i.e. problems in Job Scheduling. Manual scheduling e.g. via SM36 misses out on advantages realized by an external scheduling tool like SAP CPS by Redwood.
  • Ineffective process execution, i.e. missing, incomplete, or outdated Job Monitoring. Manual monitoring, e.g. sporadic execution of SM37 to screen for canceled jobs, does not make use of automated and proactive job monitoring in the context of the business process. The latter provides business impact information in addition to technical information in case a job does not start on time, does not finish on time, or fails completely.
  • Suboptimal insight in and optimization of existing job schedule, i.e. missing, incomplete, or hard-to-use Job Reporting. SAP Solution Manager offers reports for background operations including a Health Check for identification of optimization potential.

Where can you find TechEd 2012 lectures and sessions?

The lecture and session descriptions are available in SAP TechEd's online catalog. To read about lectures and sessions offered in the application lifecycle management track, click the following link and select the topics that you are interested in and potentially would like to attend. Moreover, SAP Service Marketplace is a recommended source of information for SAP Solution Manager Job Scheduling Management. For further updates, feel free to follow me on Twitter and Toolbox.

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