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All documents in SAP Solution Manager are stored in Knowledge Warehouse (KW). In SAP Solution Manger 7.2, the documentation used in the Process Management/Solution Documentation applications is created and administered in the Document Type Administration. The document types are used generally to classify different Knowledge Warehouse documents. In the Document Type Administration, you can control the use of document types for the solution or within branches of the process documentation:

The Usage tab displays the global availability of document types. It is possible to limit or restrict the usage of a document type to a special area of the process documentation. For example, a document type could only be available to use within the Development Library:

On top of that, the user needs to have authorizations allowing him/her to work with Solution Manger documentation.

The following authorization objects are used to govern access to Solution Manager documents:

    • S_SMDDOC (Solution Manager Document Authorization) - this object restricts the activities that can be done on a document level.

    • S_SMDATT (Solution Manager Document Attribute Authorization Object) - this object restricts the usage of attributes for documents.

    • Both objects are contained in the authorization roles SAP_SM_KW_*.

      If your requirement is to provision access to a specific document types, then you would need to specify the document types in the authorization object S_SMDDOC, in the field SMDDOCTYPE Document Type (e.g. ZEPD):

      Additionally, you can restrict what actions the user is allowed to do for this specific document type by maintain the field ACTVT Activity (e.g. Display).


      If you reduce the authorizations if the filed Activity, then also the menu of actions for the documents will be reduced. Even a deletion is not allowed thru the authorizations, then the user can still “delete” the assignment of the document but the documents will not be physically deleted from the Knowledge Warehouse of Solution Manger.

      The document can be found in orphans documents (when searching for a document to assign it to an element of solution documentation):

      Example: The full menu of actions on a document:

      Example: The reduced menu of actions on a document (Activity = Display):

      • New – no possibility to create a new document

      • Delete – possible to delete the assignment of this document to a solution element

      • Move - no move possible

      • Display – possible

      • Display history – possible

      • Copy – not possible

      • Where – used list - possible

      • Display link - possible.