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If you're setting up your master data to run magnetic media report formats for Colombia, you may get yourself with a question: how to enter city codes according to the ones defined by DANE in third parties’ address?

Here's a quick guide for you to get away with city codes in master data so that you can have them correctly reported in magnetic media report formats.


Check the following materials - they help you with the overall process on setting up your master data:

Specifying your City Codes:

First of all, you need to create your city codes in the Create Cities Individually customizing activity. To do so, go to SAP Customizing Implementation Guide > SAP NetWeaver > Application Server > Basis Services > Address Management > Regional Structure/City File > Cities > Create Cities Individually (SR10).

Keep in mind that DIAN requires that you report city codes according to DANE guidelines. Use these guidelines when you create your city codes. You can find the details in DIAN portal:

Here's an example of city code for Bogota city:

For visually impaired readers: The picture shows a screenshot of the SAP system in the Create Cities Individually customizing activity.

Once you make sure you have created the city codes according to DANE guidelines, you can assign an address to your business partner.

Assigning an Address to a Business Partner:

  1. Access BP transaction.

  2. Choose the business partner that you want to add an address for.

  3. Go to the Address tab.

  4. Go to the Postal Code/City field.

  5. Select the address you want to add.

  6. Save your entries.

For visually impaired readers: The picture shows a screenshot of the SAP system in BP transaction.

Done that, you can run a test run to check if the city codes are correctly reported in the output XML file.

Verifying a City Code in the Output XML

The city code is reported with the last 3 digits in the element ‘mun’ of the report formats. Here's how it appears in the output XML file:

For visually impaired readers: The picture shows a screenshot of the output XML file of the 1001 report format with the 'mun' element highlighted.

We hope this blog post is helpful for you.

Do you have doubts about Magnetic Media report formats? Visit our Magnetic Media FAQ Note or Magnetic Media ( in the SAP Help portal.

Didn’t find your answer? Let us know in the comments below, your doubt can be the subject of our next publication.

See you next time and stay compliant ?,


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