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Over the years, SAP TechEd used different names or brands to identify the place to be for you guys who are "in need" of getting your "hardcore coding fix" while learning and developing some cool stuff.

Welcome to the Developer Garage.

Why a Developer Garage? The reason is simple: where would you look for tools and experts with tips and trick to help you create some stuff? In a Developer Garage!

In 2016, we had only one track at the AppSpace to let you put your hands on the SAP Cloud Platform to build and deploy your SAPUI5 apps, consume an OData service from the SAP Gateway, use the Translation Hub.

This year it's going to be much much bigger! In fact, we will have 4 tracks instead of one!

If you missed it, this year, SAP released a lot of new features and enhancement around its existing product portfolio.

  • SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS: last year, it was featured at the Apple booth, so this year we will have a dedicated AppSpace track for that!

  • SAP HANA Platformwith version 2.0 (including SAP HANA, express edition), we propose a new approach to SAP HANA native development and for that my colleague lsubatin has built a track

  • Machine Learning: and last but not least, with existing and new features for SAP HANA, the announcements of SAP Leonardo, and the availability of SAP HANA, express edition, it's now easier like never before to try to build your predictive model using out of the box algorithms.

As I said this year it's going to be much bigger as you will experience some of the new features of the Developer Center site ( which you will use to monitor your progress and rewards.

You will find the Developer Garage at all 3 SAP TechEd location, so don’t forget to book some time to visit us, we will be on the show floor (just look for the most crowded place, it should be us ;-), and anyone can stop by regardless of pass type.

One more thing, this year not only Apple will be there with us to showcase the iOS SDK. In fact, we have made new buddies that we want to present you: Amazon, Google and Microsoft.

You may say: "Ok, but why at the Developer Garage?" I actually encourage you to ask that question while you visit us! So, make sure, when you pay us a visit, to get a chat with them too!


I'll be there in Las Vegas and Barcelona, see you there!


Ready, Set, GO! TechEd season is now open!