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UPDATE March 2017: Live3 has been superseded by LIve5... same scenario in SAP HANA 2.0 deployed via SAP HANA, express edition. Check out my blog here:



UPDATE Sep2016: this video series is no longer available owing to significant changes to the HCP free trial architecture. For more info see below:


As HCP free developer trial has evolved significantly since this video series was recorded and published so was decided to retire it from the SAP HANA Academy YouTube channel. In fact much of the process is no longer valid and with the advent of HANA MDC in the free trial the project would be architected differently anyway.The project incorporated workarounds to limitations of HCP free developer trial at the time - which are no longer relevant. We do still have the live3 scenario available with more of an on-premise focus which is similar to how to develop it using MDC. Please check out following playlist: Live3 - Advanced Real-Time Social Media Analytics

However the Java servlet for loading Twitter data into HANA is not part of this scenario - that was only for the HCP free trial and is now obsolete.


Are you itching to get going with the SAP HANA Cloud Platform and SAP HANA itself but simply don't know where to start?


The SAP HANA Academy has created a video tutorial series based on a realistic business scenario code named "Live3" to help you learn how to "join the dots" and build an application from end-to-end using the SAP HANA Cloud Platform. It's based on the developer trial edition so you can follow along yourself - for free!


You can get visit the SAP HANA Academy and select the "Live3 - SAP HANA Cloud Platform for Advanced Real-Time Social Media Analytics" playlist.


This enablement offering walks you through a step-by-step project to build a mobile application using real-time data feeds that combines sentiment analysis with predictive analytics whilst exploiting native development features of the SAP HANA Cloud Platform.


From the business perspective "Live3" allows the CMO to better understand social network sentiment relating to his company, services, or products in order to identify those in a position of influence that publish negative sentiment - so that this segment they can be recruited into a specialized education program. The insight evolves in real-time as new information is posted to social media sites.


On the technical side, "Live3" is a native SAP HANA application built using the SAP HANA Cloud Platform - leveraging real-time data feeds from the Twitter API using Node.js, data modeling in SAP HANA tools for Eclipse, native SAP HANA text analytics for sentiment analysis as well as native SAP HANA clustering for segmentation, SAP HANA extended application services (XS) including OData, and SAP Web IDE to build an HTML5 application based on SAPUI5. "Live3" can also easily be deployed as a native mobile app.


Whether you are new to the subject, or just looking to expand your knowledge, this is a great opportunity to gain hands-on experience with the SAP HANA Cloud Platform and SAP HANA.

As mentioned previously, you can visit the SAP HANA Academy and select the "Live3 - SAP HANA Cloud Platform for Advanced Real-Time Social Media Analytics" playlist. Also, all supporting content from this project (such as code snippets) is available on GitHub.

Special thanks to gregor.wolf for creating the hana trial authentication proxy!

UPDATE 13 April 2015: We have added an alternative approach to using Node.js to load Tweets to SAP HANA. Instead of using Node.js we have created a Java application that runs in your SAP HANA Cloud Platform trial account.

As always your feedback is most welcome – in the YouTube comments section, below, or on Twitter @pmugglestone.