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Time and time again I am inspired by this company, Life is Good, who spent $100,000 on a pumpkin Festival!

This week at my childrens’ school, parents came in and showcased their professions. My daughter came home talking about the Arctic Explorer Dad and TV Personality Mum. I didn’t go into school as I thought that Ariba Network Marketing Mum wouldn’t really cut it among such a high achieving bunch!

My daughters never ask me what I do at work. If they had asked me this week I would have told them about my new marketing campaign. The strapeline is …drum roll - “Are you ready to push the boundaries of your organisation?” If I get a chance to explain what this means to my kids I will try and do it in the words of Bert Jacobs CEO (Chief Executive Optimist) of T-shirt company, Life is Good.

Bert is the most down to earth business guy you will ever come across. In his Ariba LIVE Keynote last year he talks about his family, his business and his life story, which are essentially, one thing. He talks about his fundamental belief that people are good and that if you try and focus on the good then you will achieve great things, both in your business and in your life. This is without a doubt one of the most inspiring, funny and off the wall presentations I have ever seen. I have watched this video now around 20 times since he presented last year in Las Vegas. I find myself quoting it to colleagues – especially the bit where instead of investing $100,000 in a marketing plan, they started a Pumpkin Festival! I think about it in the context of why I go to work and it makes be proud that the Ariba Network has been a small part of the bigger and more important story behind Bert and his company - Life is Good

Companies like Bert’s push the boundaries of their organisations in that they don’t do what’s expected, they make the business into what they want it be, and we are part of that.

I don’t have giant arctic shoes to show off at the Parent’s day and I hope I am never on TV, but next time, maybe I’ll tell the Life is Good story and spread Bert’s wisdom to the next generation of entrepreneurs and junior philanthropists.

If you want to know the story behind this, watch Bert’s video, it’s 47 minutes of your life well spent – Or follow us on twitter @ariba for more inspirational stuff.

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