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Think Lexmark is just printers? Think again. The company broadened its offerings in a major way to face very radical changes taking place within the printing industry. So what does the Lexmark business model look like today?

Keith Moody, vice president and chief information officer for Lexmark describes it as a “Partner Leveraged” model, (i.e. direct demand generation and channel partners) with solutions configured to customer needs. These custom-tailored hardware and software solutions became possible after a handful of smart acquisitions, including Twistage, an enterprise-level online video platform.

So now that Lexmark comprises hardware, software, services (managed and cloud) it required a better way to manage this new, dynamic business environment.

“It became very important for us to understand the lifecycle of our products and how it affects customers,” said Moody.

Enter a new SAP Analytics program at Lexmark involving SAP HANA and SAP BusinessObjects. How did the program fare? The snapshot below provides some of the expected and unexpected benefits - and lessons learned.


Moody said user learning and acceptance wasn’t an issue; learning the new database technology came faster than anticipated. In addition, the new analytics system allows Lexmark to look at all inventory parts on a global scale, something the company’s supply chain team wasn’t able to do before.

“The performance of the team increased dramatically because they were able to generate reports so much faster,” said Moody. “SAP HANA gave us the ability to respond much more quickly to business requirements.”

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