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Three weeks back at Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, SAP for the first time showed how we are leveraging the SAP Cloud Platform to drive a digital fan experience, and how teams, venues and sponsors alike can benefit from turning this it into tangible business results.



In our scenario, we put ourselves into the shoes of a venue operator who wants to engage with the fans before, during and after the event. To do so, we are providing a number of services that provide value to the fans, e.g. adding your ticket to the wallet, weather news, travel advise, in-seat ordering food & beverage, coupons to redeem in the arena and others.

All of these are provided to the fans via a fan app that SAP Value Prototyping built. Now, just building an app would be too simple and in fact, today, almost every team and venue has an app available. However, most of these focus on content and very few actually tie natively into backend systems like a shop, a ticketing, or marketing solution and if so, usually these are point-to-point integrations.

What we did, is using the SAP Cloud Platform to build, run, and orchestrate services like the ones described above. These services

  1. Listen to interactions of the fans on the app and send these to the respective back-end systems

  2. Create systems push notifications/alerts/offers from the back-end to the fans via the app.

In our live demo landscape, we have SAP Hybris Marketing, SAP Loyalty on YaaS (SAP Hybris as a Service on SAP Cloud Platform) and SAP TwoGo connected with the FanApp via the SAP Cloud Platform (see below). Of course, this could be easily extended with other systems like SAP Hybris Commerce for Merchandising, SAP Customer Checkout for Food & Beverage, SAP Event Ticketing, or third party systems.



How it works? To make a simple example, once a fan downloads the app and registers, a service from SAP Cloud Platform will capture this event and the corresponding information. Passes it on to SAP Hybris Marketing and SAP Loyalty on YaaS to figure out if it is a known fan or unknown. If unknown, a new contact record with the registration information is being created in SAP Hybris Marketing and at the same time, this contact becomes a member in the loyalty system. If the fan is known already, then the existing golden fan record that we maintain in SAP Hybris Marketing is enriched by the information that the app is in use now and available as another channel to engage with the fan.

Another example is the following: As a fan, I add my ticket to the Apple Wallet, this will trigger SAP TwoGo to launch inside of my app. The landing page matches the event that I am planning to attend and now I can either offer a ride or look for a shared ride.



Now, for all of what the fans do on the app, we are collecting this as interactions to complete our golden fan record and for some of these we credit points in the loyalty system. The data captured can be used for segmentation and campaigns, allowing for a better targeted, highly personalized context based marketing that capitalizes on the key moments of a fan journey.



So what was the feedback that we received? First of all, our booth was packed with prospects on all days through which we generated some good follow-up discussions as well as tangible opportunities. We noticed three types of customers interested: First of all, we had more than ten top sports teams from all over Europe (incl. AS Roma, Juventus Turin, FC Barcelona, FC Chelsea, Olympique Lyon) showing up and discussing in detail with our team. Secondly, we met with Telcos from all over the world, understanding this showcase as a way to tap into attractive fan audiences and to capitalize on the sponsorship dollars they feed into sports & entertainment properties. And lastly, we experienced a lot of interest from hosts of upcoming mega events like World Expo 2020 in Dubai, the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020, FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar, and others.


For your further reference:

MWC Demo Video Interview

FC Bayern Munich / Allianz Arena (venue management view)

Adler Mannheim / SAP Arena (fan view)

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