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Kids are back in school and it's time to learn and collaborate!

Join us for this webinar series featuring SAP customers and partners talking about data: what they've done with SAP HANA and how they are innovating with custom development, spatial applications, machine learning, and more.   Each webinar highlights one SAP partner and one of their customers.

The format will be a short presentation followed by discussion between the partner, customer, and SAP.

I hope you will join us - it's sure to be interesting, transparent, and an opportunity for you to talk real data with people that are implementing real data projects using SAP HANA.

October 5:  Before and After SAP HANA with Implementation Tips

Join us as we discuss how the partnership between Centurylink and Cisco Systems utilize the power of SAP HANA platform in gaining visibility of an order lifecycle for Cisco Supply Chain. The webcast provides insight on Cisco’s journey with SAP HANA. The Discussion will help IT and Business users to understand some of the known challenges based on the responses from the elite panelists who have gone through this process.  There will be short presentation by Centurylink and Cisco followed by lively discussion on key topics such as:  the process to get order visibility prior to deploying SAP HANA; major business benefits from SAP HANA; experience in regards to solution deployment lifecycle; discussion of any application customizations using SAP HANA.

Panelists will include IT Directors , Managers and Solution Architects from Centurylink and Cisco.  Panel will be led by Arun Narayanan, Director of Analytics and Data Management at Centurylink.

October 19: What happens when you ask your data WHERE 

This webinar features Critigen and the City of San Deigo  discussing real-world and real-implemented scenarios that use spatial integration to answer "WHERE".   With the evolution of the intelligent enterprise, spatial data has become a vital component. Organizations that leverage spatial & enterprise data together have a clear competitive advantage and differentiation. By combining business data with geographical information, enterprises achieve better insight, make better business decisions, are more innovative.  SAP HANA provides built-in geospatial capabilities, which combined with its in-memory processing, deliver capabilities for high-performing modern spatial-enabled solutions.  SAP and Critigen are long standing partners with Esri.  Esri is an international supplier of geographic information system software, web GIS and geodatabase management applications.  In this webinar you will learn how Critigen and its customers use the SAP HANA spatial engine and Esri to gain competitive advantage by leveraging “WHERE”.

Discussion will be led by Mike Eggenburger from Critigen and Scott Daeschner from the City of San Diego.



November 2:  Practical advice on why, when and how to build applications on SAP HANA

Join this session to hear a lively discussion with CenterPoint Energy and Utegration on how they build custom applications on SAP HANA. They will discuss some custom applications built on SAP HANA, why they choose SAP HANA,  and when they recommend using SAP HANA. Additionally, they will share what they have learned and recommendations for your first applications built on SAP HANA. You will learn from their experiences on data modeling, building and deploying applications on SAP HANA, tools and tricks for building the key application logic.  You will also learn about important considerations for app development.  This session is for you if you are considering or have recently started building your own applications on SAP HANA.

Discussion will be led by Henry Le from Utegration and Daniel Sumners from CenterPoint Energy.

Unfortunately this webcast is postponed due to an emergency from the speaker that prevents them from participating.

November 16: The Rise of Intelligent Data

Machine leaning, artificial intelligence and internet of things are changing how companies do business.  The strategic management of this multifaceted data drives monetization of data in innovative ways and opens doors for new business models. Multifaceted data management enables executives to benchmark, plan, predict and simulate business scenarios using anonymized and aggregated data.  Machine learning and natural language processing can be used to normalize and enrich business data while adhering to standards for data privacy, security and retention.  This new multifaceted data requires data integration, orchestration, and governance across a complex and diverse data landscape.  While all of this information has the potential to help organizations gain insight into customers and processes, the reality is that most companies today are not equipped to tame, manage, analyze, store, and derive actionable business insights from that abundance of data. This makes it hard for them to realize the value of deploying trusted data efficiently, securely, and to maximum advantage. In this thought leadership webinar, you will gain perspectives from senior leaders who are activity engaged in deriving value,  and using data monetization to gain competitive advantage from strategic multifaceted data management.

Discussion will be led by Randy Carey from Manitou Group and  Jerry Platz from Avalon Consulting, LLC.


December 14:  Harland Clarke’s journey to SAP HANA service on the SAP Cloud Platform to improve cust...


SAP Cloud Platform, SAP HANA service is the most advanced in-memory database fully managed across multiple cloud environments. SAP HANA as a Service implements a next-generation transactional and analytical processing together with the industry's broadest set of advanced analytics that operates on any data – whether physically in SAP HANA or virtually connected into a single logical data model.

This webinar highlights the work Hitachi-Consulting performed with Harland Clarke on migrating SAP Business Warehouse to SAP HANA service.    You will learn the challenges: from the cost of maintaining on-premise landscapes, to the lack of real-time data available for analytics,  to delayed products and order visibility. You will learn how the migration was performed as well as benefits gained, from increased speed, product and order visibility, as well as the impact of real-time reporting.   This new solution transformation has helped  run their customer BI reports 200 times faster at the same time not compromising on the granularity and level of details in these reports.    We will discuss the use of SAP Cloud Integration-Data Services, data modeling in SAP HANA, and how the cloud enables agile development.    We will be sure to cover lessons learned, work arounds, tips and tricks and common road blocks/known issues.

Discussion will be led by Satish Rajaram from Hitachi Consulting and Michael Jones, John Dowling, and Paul Hodgdon from Harland Clarke.

For more interesting Let's Talk Data sessions, join us for our Let's Talk Data podcast series or our SAP-speaker Let's Talk Data webcast series.