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Up to this point you should be pretty familiar with FCC and it's capabilities. You know how to configure tiles and you know how to complete other administrative tasks like creating catalogs, groups as well as managing your site. In this blog I will show you how you can assign roles in your extended demo account. In the extended demo account SAP offers you get 1 account with combined access to admin and end user content. If you want to make a value prop for your organization or are just interested in seeing what the Launchpad you design would really look like to end users then leverage this blog.

From FCC go to the External Links tab and select SAP HANA Cockpit. HCP cockpit will open in a new tab and will display the dashboard that shows the overall information about your account.

Select the Services tab and click on the SAP HANA Cloud Portal Service (the Fiori launchpad is offered as part of this service). Select Configure SAP HANA Cloud Portal.

From the left side select the Roles tab and notice that your P# is assigned to the TENANT_ADMIN role. This role provides administrative privileges for the Fiori launchpad. You'll also notice another P# assigned to your account, this is an SAP super user who is assigned to every extended demo account.

You can easily add more users to the TENANT_ADMIN tole by selecting the Assign option from the Individual users table. Alternatively, you could create an admin group and assign users to the group and role. We're going to create a new role for our end users. Select the New Role option from the top table, provide a name for your role (ex: End Users) and choose OK. Now you can create individual users or a group of users to assign to the new role by choosing the Assign option from the table. In the popup enter the username of the person you're assigning.

Return to the cockpit dashboard by selecting the b# from the breadcrumb in the top left, then choose the Authorizations tab. Enter the end user ID and choose Show assignments, you should see them assigned to the role you just created.

Return to FCC and open the catalogs tab, choose edit for the Human Resources catalog we created in Blog 2. Select the Roles tab, choose edit, then choose the + and in the popup check the new role we created and choose OK and then Save.

Select the Preview Site icon from the top right. Copy the URL from your launchpad and send it to the user you assigned to your account. Let the user login and see that the tiles, groups and category we created in the previous blogs are in the launchpad. Also notice they don't have access to FCC or the other built in admin tools. They will also see the site settings we established in the second blog.

I hope this series has helped familiarize you with FCC and what you're able to create as a Fiori Cloud Edition administrator. I encourage you to continue exploring FCC and see what you would need to do to run Fiori cloud edition productively in your company. There will continue to be more additions and improvements to FCC in the future and being part of the Technology RIG team, I intend to stay ahead of these innovations and inform you as they become available. So on that note, stay tuned :smile: