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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Building a solid data foundation and achieving information excellence is essential to delivering the business agility needed to navigate change and rapidly make business decisions. Helping business teams harness their data assets and the responsiveness to adjust the collection and communication of these valuable resources is extremely relevant to support the improved efficiencies needed within the organization in times of change.

So, we’ve brought together experts in data management and strategy to discuss key topics and trends that are reshaping the way companies leverage data to unlock the full potential of this valuable enterprise asset.

Listen to this podcast series on all things data!

Watch for new podcasts and catch up on topics you might have missed.

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Season 5 Preview:  Introducing the Let's Talk HANA mini-series!  


For the full scoop on Season 5, please visit:


Let’s Talk HANA – An Oral History  Let’s Talk HANA is a mini-series of the Let’s Talk Data podcast that aims to explore the benefits of SAP HANA with a strong focus on concrete business outcomes.   Join Irfan Khan, SAP President of HANA and Analytics, in this session moderated by SAP’s Neil McGovern head of SAP HANA product marketing.  In this podcast Irfan will discuss HANA’s past, present, and (more important) SAP’s vision for HANA’s future. Neil will also take Irfan on a personal trip down memory lane as they discuss Irfan’s own professional experiences with HANA.


Season 4: Podcasts on data strategy, data agility, data migration, DataOps  

Modernizing Analytics With Machine Learning for Supply Chain Efficiency Join Alex Gurevich, CTO at Inspired Intellect, and Brian Monteiro, Chief Analytics Officer at Inspired Intellect, and Ted Jones, Principle Software Engineer at Red Hat, for a meaningful discussion on modernizing analytics with machine learning focused on supply chain efficiency. The impact of COVID19 on machine learning is discussed, including what COVID19 has taught us about machine learning and our dependency on historical data for analytics.

Top of Mind Concerns for the Chief Data Officer: Short & Long-Term Implications of COVID-19 on Enter... features data strategy experts Justin Litz, Tina Rosario and Maria Villar.  They discuss the potential short and long-term impacts and implications that the current pandemic will have on your enterprise’s data and analytics strategy. Topics discussed include speed to value, adaptive insights and predictive analytics, driving operational efficiencies with data literacy, data quality and readiness, data ethics and privacy and experience data, people and communication.

Increase agility: How Geberit uses SAP HANA Cloud to extend on-premises investmentsIn this session, discover how to extend your on-premises data landscape into the cloud with SAP HANA Cloud. Hear first-hand how a customer, Geberit, envisions increasing their agility and resilience by using SAP HANA Cloud. Learn how your business can benefit from a single point of access to all its enterprise data with one cloud database solution, SAP HANA Cloud.  Join SAP product experts, Ina Felsheim and Daniel Rothmund, discuss with the Head of IT Business Support Applications for Geberit, Marius Reck.

Accelerate your data journey to SAP S/4HANA with SAP Solutions for Information - Management  features data management and migration experts Sheila McCarthy and Sue Waite along with Tyler Warden of Syniti.  They discuss how moving to SAP S/4HANA is a fantastic opportunity to look at your current data landscape and data-driven processes with the goal to correct past issues and optimize for your future business transformation. The goal should not be just to move data from one system to another. By taking control of your data NOW, your SAP S/4HANA transformation program will run faster, more smoothly and predictably, and with lower cost and help ensure your transformation goals & outcomes are achieved.

Store hot, warm, and cold data seamlessly in SAP HANA CloudJoin Ina Felsheim and Jason Hinsperger to learn how SAP HANA Cloud opens up new data storage possibilities for you. Depending on how often you use the data and how fast you need it, you can store your data in-memory disk or data lake. This multi-temperature data storage helps solves some of the biggest data challenges facing organizations: handling large amounts of data and bringing together data for analysis.

The Role of DataOps in Supply Chain features Silvio Arcangeli and Cassio Binkowski, experts on the topics of data intelligence and DataOps.  Join this podcast for an insightful discussion into DataOps, what it is, why it is important in Supply Chain, with several examples of how successful Supply Chain companies adapt to market conditions quickly leverage DataOps initiatives.


Season 3: Podcasts specific to AI, ML, data science, data orchestration 

Challenges of Deploying Machine Learning – It’s a Team Sport and It Takes an Enterprise Village features experts Kevin Poskitt and Doug Freud.  Kevin and Doug have a great conversation on the real challenges of deploying ML, what it takes, how to decide where to start, and questions you can ask your team to know where you need to be using machine learning.

Unleash Your Data Potential with SAP Data Intelligence, Combining Machine Learning & Data Management features product leaders Sebastian Wieczorek and Mike Eacrett.     Sebatian and Mike have a frank discussion on SAP Data Hub, SAP Leonardo Machine Learning Framework, how they have evolved into SAP Data Intelligence. Sebastian and Mike also discuss and our strategy and vision for data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence and data management.

Bringing Together Data Scientists, Data Architects, and IT With AI and Data Management includes several of our experts discussing the different roles and how different people work with SAP Data Intelligence.   We have Puntis Palazzolo who is a senior product manager for SAP Data Intelligence with a background in data science, Christian Tietz, who is a technical product manager for SAP Data Intelligence, and Silvio Arcangeli, how works closely with our customers on SAP Data Intelligence.  They have a great discussion on who would use SAP Data Intelligence, why, and how they collaborate on meaningful business problems.

SAP Data Intelligence: Real use cases and product capabilities for data-driven innovation includes our product owner, Marc Hartz and our solution owner Kevin Poskitt.   They discuss real use cases implemented by customers and the key product capabilities required to meet the needs of the customers.


Season 2: Podcasts specific to mid-market companies

Accurate and Affordable Data Cleansing in the Cloud with Paul Medaille and Henrik Kummel.  Henrik joins us on several of the podcasts focused on mid-market – which is great because he leads our mid-market business in the northern part of EMEA.   Paul is an expert in data quality. In this podcast data quality is discussed, with a focus on pay-as-you-go services for using data quality functions on SAP Cloud Platform.

Data Warehousing for the Mid-Market: Making Data More Accessible with Cloud Architecture Flexibility... with Klaus-Peter SauerAxel Meier, and Ameet Hundekari.   This podcast brings together data warehousing and mid-market experts.  The discussion includes bringing the skills you have to a SQL data warehouse, trends moving toward cloud data warehousing, and mid-market specific trends.

Top Ways Mid-market Companies Can Benefit From the SAP HANA Service and SAP Cloud Platform  with Angela Harvey and Laurent Rieu and Henrik Kummel.  This podcast discusses the SAP Cloud Platform with a focus on the HANA service that is part of the SAP Cloud Platform.  Typical use cases are discussed from analytics to application development to data warehousing.  Also discussed is what the HANA service includes, how it integrates with other SAP Cloud Platform services, and how to get started.

Architecture & Designs That Drive Implementation for the Mid-Market with Matt Creason and Henrik Kummel.    Matt has been in the enterprise architecture space for many years so it’s wonderful to get his perspective on architecture and design, where and how to get started.  Henrik discuss his thoughts on what he is seeing in the mid-market.

Mid-Market Data Management to Drive the Intelligent Enterprise with Silvio Arcangeli and Natalie Kern.  This data breaks down SAP’s vision of the intelligent enterprise to what that really means for midmarket companies.  Natalie discusses a recent IDC study and trends in the mid-market and Silvio goes into data management for mid-market companies moving to an intelligent enterprise.


Season 1: Podcasts for both large enterprise and mid-market companies

Data Management Megatrends for 2018 with Chris Hallenbeck and John Appleby.  It’s always an interesting and thought-provoking discussion when Chris and John get together.   In this discussion they cover key topics from data sprawl, data entropy, GDPR, and more.

Top 3 SAP HANA Myths – Dispelled with John Appleby.  Listen to John’s take on the big SAP HANA myths, including the price tag for SAP HANA. He’s not afraid to tackle the big myths!

Maximize with Your Enterprise Geodatabase with SAP HANA with Matt Zenus.  Matt’s passion for spatial topics makes listening to this podcast both entertaining and informative.  Matt gives many practical examples of spatial use cases and how you can get started with spatial.

How to Access Developer Services on SAP HANA with Craig Cmehill and Angela Harvey.  Craig and Angela provide a lively and fun discussion on development with SAP HANA.

Why You Want Data-Based Process Excellence with John Santic and Keith Grayson.  John and Keith provide an insightful discussion of moving from gut-feel to data-based decisions on process improvement. Listen for the analogy of the old-men on the front porch solving the world’s problems!

Get the most from your S/4HANA implementation with high quality data with Paul Medaille and David Quirk.    Paul and David get to the heart of the matter on the imperative of data quality as part of a data management strategy to ensure trusted boardroom decisions.


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