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In a recent SAP TV commercial, entitled “Let’s Do This,” actor Clive Owen challenges the audience to think about the things that think: planes, cars, phones, businesses, factories, distribution plants and "plant plants," and even your own toaster.

With organizations overwhelmed by the constant influx of knowledge, Owen suggests turning “thinking into doing.”

Are you and your organization turning data-driven insights (& thinking) into action? If so…

Tell your #SAPinnovation story!

The SAP Innovation Awards celebrates the achievements of top companies and people across the globe that are using SAP platform technologies to transform their business, drive innovation and win in the digital economy.

The awards recognize SAP customer and partner innovations driven by SAP HANA, SAP Leonardo, SAP Cloud Platform, SAP Analytics and SAP S/4HANA and other SAP platform technologies.

Recently we caught up with Jamie Oswald, MBA, MIM, Manager, Data Analytics & Engineering from Mercy, the 5th largest Catholic health care system in the U.S., on a SAP Leonardo & SAP HANA International Focus Group (iFG) webinar, who has won two-times.

Rich {Moderator}: When you went through the nomination process did you work with an SAP colleague or partner? Or did you mostly do it on your own? How did that work for you all?

Jamie: Yes, SAP was incredibly supportive throughout the entire process. If I had a question, if I was not sure how something sounded, they were very helpful.

We had many phone calls where I said, ‘you know, this is what I did, how do we frame that?’ They would come back and ask questions that I hadn’t thought about that in turn helped me turn around and tell that story of our success and tell our impact internally.

So, this process helped me drive forward more of these initiatives going forward. Like in nursing, for example, we had a $4.3 million dollars in labor cost savings using the same methodology that we used to address surgery and perioperative services

Rich: Some of the people listening are on the fence about submitting nominations. We are all pretty busy. Why did you take the time to get involved?

Jamie: As someone who’s planning on submitting another entry this year, I encourage everyone one [in fun] to sit this one out!:-)

The biggest benefits are that it helped me figure out how to understand the return on investment (ROI).

It got me working with colleagues that could confirm the ROI. We had data scientist… we had decision support, all coming together to confirm the numbers, which is mentally [& economically} valuable.

It also helped us think about it from a business person’s perspective rather than from my IT perspective.
As a result, I could communicate {the initiative} more effectively within my organization.

And finally, the team loved it! I mean it’s very exciting! It’s easy to sit back and think ‘Oh we’re just an IT {or line of business| team’ but ‘Oh we can go compete with these monsters [aka - the best teams] of technology {& business}.’ And it’s a real uplifting to get that national [& global] recognition. We have trophies that they [the team / organization} walk past every day and it really does lift morale and get people excited.

Tips for Submitting Nominations

TIP 1: Prior to starting the pitch deck

  • Gather insights from the whole team and users

  • Assess what has been the impact

TIP 2: Start with a powerful title or first sentence

TIP 3: Include quantified results

TIP 4: Add a quote that highlights the business impact

TIP 5: Define the solution and the role of the major product elements

TIP 6: Connect the project to a larger company vision or initiative


Register Today - Deadlines

  • Register Your Interest:
    February 02, 2018

  • End of Submission Period:
    March 02, 2018


SAP Business
Transformation Studies

In summary, plan to tell your story! Nominate your success stories.


  • Register Your Interest: February 02, 2018

  • End of Submission Period: March 02, 2018

  • Winners announcement: April 19, 2018

  • SAPPHIRE NOW, Celebration event: June 5-7

23 winners will be chosen across 7 categories. Prizes include:

  • Trophy

  • Winners will choose a charity from our list and SAP will donate $2,000


  • Special invitation to our celebration ceremony at SAPPHIRE NOW

  • Winners and finalists will also be presented with a wide range of promotional initiatives,
    as well as opportunities to interact with prominent business leaders and SAP executives

  • Winning entries will be showcased at #SAPPHIRENOW in keynotes, roundtables, panel discussions, and other forums

Visit the SAP Innovation Awards website to learn more around the official contest rules.

Share social media posts. Spread the word: #SAPinnovation

Featured SAP Leonardo & HANA iFG webinar - Register to listen to the webinar recording.