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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Check out the recording of our second Learning Sneak Preview with our learning expert Norman Wai, introducing basics of data modeling with SAP Analytics Cloud, that are covered in the Design Data Models and Transform Data in SAP Analytics Cloud learning journey:


Original Blog:

SAP Analytics Cloud is designed to help customers run their business, by allowing them to analyze their data in context and to make better and faster decisions. You can find more information with the SAP Analytics Business Intelligence Statement of Direction.   

One critical success factor that exist in SAP Analytics Cloud is the ability to access data sources whether on-premise or in the cloud to empower the business user with meaningful data to run their business.  This capability exists in the SAP Analytics Cloud data modeling.   

Once the connectivity is configured by the administrator, the data modeler creates models so that analytical visualization called Stories can be created to provide meaningful data to the customer. 

 So, what are the skills of a data modeler? 

 Important skills: 

  • Understanding the basics of data structures in SAP Analytics Cloud 

  • How to design and create dimensions 

  • How to create import models to replicate data  

  • How to create live models to access real time data without replicating data 

  • How to work with geographic data 

  • How to define data security  

To get these critical skills, the good news is that you have access to free self-paced learning journey Design Data Models and Transform Data in SAP Analytics Cloud on at a time that is most convenient to you.  

The free learning journey consists of 7 Units with 10 hours of interactive content.

But to maximize your learning experience, you are welcome to join my 30-minute live session.  I will give a short tour of the SAP Analytics Cloud graphical components, like the Connection, Modeler and Stories, used by the data modeler.  We’ll look at a sample model.  In addition, I will review the main difference between a live model versus an imported model. Finally, I will demonstrate how easy it can be to create a live model and create a Story just to get a basic understand how models are created and used by Story. 

Fill the gap through upskilling and enjoy SAP’s learning offerings on the SAP Learning site. This article is created and brought to you by SAP Product Learning CoE experts. 

Written by Norman Wai