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Product and Topic Expert
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When we think of floorplans in an everyday context, we might imagine an architectural drawing that shows the shape, size, and arrangement of rooms in a building viewed from above. This comes already close to the definition of floorplans in SAP Fiori.

In SAP Fiori, the term ‘floorplan’ describes a specific combination of layout and controls that support a specific type of use case.

See in the video how layouts build the frame for floorplans.

Please click on the image to the watch the video

Some of the most used floorplans are:


Your user has to work through a long list of items? The worklist floorplan suits best to review details of the items and taking action.

List Report

With the list report floorplan, your user can dive into a list of items from a large database. The list report floorplan offers powerful features and filters for finding, identifying and acting on relevant items.

Object Page

The object page floorplan is the recommended floorplan for representing both simple and complex objects in SAP Fiori. It allows the user to display, create, or edit an object.

Overview Page (OVP)

Everybody’s data darling and visually pleasing – the OVP provides all the data and information a user needs in a single page. The user can role-specifically focus on the most important tasks, and view, filter, and react to information quickly.

Analytical List

With its dynamic data visualization, the analytical list floorplan looks a bit like the little sister of the OVP. Chart visualization and a visual filter bar increase the joy of use and help users to easily recognize facts and situations.

SAP Fiori offers two basic page layouts: the dynamic page layout and the flexible column layout. Both page layouts can be used with a range of different SAP Fiori floorplans.

The dynamic page layouts is used for full screen layouts. The flexible column layout can show a full screen layout with one column or up to three columns.

Many thanks to our UX design expert Carolin!


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